Bug #27350

Engineer can move out of range of other kerbals in EVA construction with heavy parts causing that part to not be able to be dropped

Added by Anth12 about 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Linux, Windows
Core Game
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GOG KSP 1.11.1 (no mods/no DLCs)

Several things happen:
1. The Kerbal cant drop the part
2. The Kerbal cant move after trying to drop the part
3. Exiting EVA construction causes the Icon of the part to appear
4. Cant get the pause menu to pop up
5. Going to KSC and back the part is missing

How to reproduce:
Be walking when you pick up the part.

Video Evidence:

quicksave.sfs attached that was used for video

Work Around:
Exit EVA Construction and walk back into range of other Kerbals, then turn back on.

quicksave.sfs (426 KB) quicksave.sfs Anth12, 03/02/2021 02:37 AM


#1 Updated by Anth12 about 2 months ago

Maxsimal This is the bug report for showing EJ's issue.

#2 Updated by Dunbaratu about 2 months ago

It would seem to me that the reasonable bugfix here would be to make it so that if the total sum strength drops below the required amount for the thing you are carrying, it auto-drops the item. Not merely that it allows you to drop it (fixing this bug), but in fact causes you to drop it (such that the fix to this bug doesn't turn into an exploit that lets you carry the thing really far away.)

#3 Updated by Anth12 about 2 months ago

I love that Dunbaratu. That might help for another bug too...

When exiting EVA construction and the Kerbal is holding the part, the part should just drop to the ground

Dunbaratu added feedback at #27351 for further discussion

#4 Updated by Technicalfool about 2 months ago

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Reproduced by exiting construction mode and walking out of range. Part becomes an icon that will not fit in a kerbal's inventory.

When re-entering construction mode after walking, part is orange and cannot be dropped.

When walking back into range and re-entering construction mode, part is orange (and cannot be manipulated) until clicked, when it will be immediately dropped.

Dunbaratu and Anth12 both have good ideas for fixing this issue.

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