02:58 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13207 (Resolved): Audio Settings All 0
All files are correctly generated, whether started via the launcher.exe, Steam launcher, or KSP_x64.exe. Sound is set...
02:57 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13207 (Ready to Test): Audio Settings All 0
02:56 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13207 (Being Worked On): Audio Settings All 0


05:16 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #27350 (Confirmed): Engineer can move out of range of other kerbals in EVA construction with heavy parts causing that part to not be able to be dropped
Reproduced by exiting construction mode and walking out of range. Part becomes an icon that will not fit in a kerbal'...


02:59 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25204 (Confirmed): RCSFX bug with all versions of KSP from 1.4.5-1.9.1


04:12 PM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #26012 (Confirmed): Ariane 5 Fuel Lines
Not sure whether I'd call it feedback or bug, but it's definitely a thing. Thanks for the report.
04:06 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #26051 (Investigating): saved game does not want to load
Have you got a savegame and a game log you can upload? Are there any mods involved? Are you running with Windows, Mac...
03:53 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #26076 (Confirmed): Misison control Gene Kerman character's three star thumbs-up animation fails to play.
Good catch. Guess that one slipped us by.


02:13 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25698 (Confirmed): Metallic Fairings are shiny in Editor (SPH/VAB) but dull in scene
There is a notable difference between what happens in the editor vs what happens in flight, there.
02:09 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25699 (Not a Bug): There is a choice to make a fairing Gold, but when its selected it ends up White.
This is actually intended behaviour. The base ring is the only part affected in the "Gold" variant, as it's meant to ...

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