04:12 PM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #26012 (Confirmed): Ariane 5 Fuel Lines
Not sure whether I'd call it feedback or bug, but it's definitely a thing. Thanks for the report.
04:06 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #26051 (Investigating): saved game does not want to load
Have you got a savegame and a game log you can upload? Are there any mods involved? Are you running with Windows, Mac...
03:53 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #26076 (Confirmed): Misison control Gene Kerman character's three star thumbs-up animation fails to play.
Good catch. Guess that one slipped us by.


02:13 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25698 (Confirmed): Metallic Fairings are shiny in Editor (SPH/VAB) but dull in scene
There is a notable difference between what happens in the editor vs what happens in flight, there.
02:09 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25699 (Not a Bug): There is a choice to make a fairing Gold, but when its selected it ends up White.
This is actually intended behaviour. The base ring is the only part affected in the "Gold" variant, as it's meant to ...


03:43 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25160: Maneuver Mode: Phase Angle Mouse over text reporting current vessel and/or the current target incorrectly
I can't seem to reproduce the "Node Ejection Bug" text, but I have reproduced the incorrect target text.
12:35 PM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #25162 (Confirmed): Maneuver Mode has its focus point as only Kerbin causing the phase angle calculations to be incorrect


12:35 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25243 (Confirmed): "Set Position" breaks crafts with robotic parts (or parts attached to robotic parts) if they aren't the craft being teleported that are in the same scene
Replicated with a separate test save and craft.
11:39 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25492 (Confirmed): GrandTour Contracts treat all vessels as "newly launched"
Took a while, but managed to confirm it. Thanks for the report.


06:41 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #25179 (Investigating): Reflection Probes render scaled scenery on top of local

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