Bug #20753

Unresponsive menu after hovering over Delta-V tool icon

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In the VAB and SPH editors the Delta-V tool icon will show its menu when just hovering the mouse over it. If you continue to hover over this icon, but don't click, and then move your mouse up to select a planetary body then the menu will glitch and close. Afterwards, the same menu will become unresponsive if you attempt to open it again, even if you click on it normally.

Once this glitch happens you will have to attempt opening it several times while clicking the atmosphere/vacuum buttons to try to clear the glitch before it starts working again properly. Exiting and reentering the VAB/SPH also resets the problem.

The current workaround is to always click on the Delta-V icon to open its menu. Never simply hover then select from the menu.


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Steam 1.6.0 MH 1.6.0
Windows 10

Here is a video to show confirmation for Hermans discovery :)

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Yep, quite an annoying little bug.

#4 Updated by 28 days ago

Also, the menu will sometimes pop out in front of the delta-V button in a position that is too low to be able to click on the button itself. Just getting near the icon is enough to cause the menu to overlap the button and prevent you from clicking through it to avoid the hover/click issue.

If that happens then it is helpful to go up to the top of the delta-V menu when it appears and click-and-drag the top of the menu downwards which shrinks the size of the menu. This also raises the bottom of the delta-V menu just enough to allow you to click the button properly.

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