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05:47 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #27024: Transfer Crew popup often appears off-screen and can't be moved
MisterDoctor wrote:
> Since there are a lot of inventory slots and also crew member sections, the UI window for comm...
03:16 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #27037 (New): Inconsistencies in crewable part context menus after a crew transfer
In release 1.11, a new section has been added in the crewable parts context menu, reporting the crew list and the inv...


03:47 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #26932 (Confirmed): Crew slots in a part are no longer available after that part is merged in VBA/SPH
Just as the subject says. Crew slots in a subassembly are lost after the subassmbly is merged with a root part. The b...


01:36 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23966: Major Temperature Differences between 1.7.3 and 1.8
Kergarin wrote:
> In combination with the drag bug(?) this breakes the game and should be both rated high.
> Ex...

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