Bug #27302

Spacecraft Explodes when placing parts in EVA Construction Mode

Added by vespum 3 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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When placing parts or returning parts to inventory in EVA construction mode the nosecones on this spacecraft separate and sometimes explode. The video shows testing it with multiple parts on the effected spacecraft, as well as on another spacecraft that seems unaffected. The attached image is of the debugging window when I quit to the main menu.
Version is (LinuxPlayer), No mods are installed.
I suspect this might be related to bugs 27234 and 27194.
Let me know if I can offer more info!

Untitled.png (220 KB) Untitled.png vespum, 02/19/2021 03:34 PM


#1 Updated by vespum 3 months ago

Hmm, video file appears not to have uploaded. try this link

#2 Updated by Anth12 3 months ago

Same bug as #27194

Most likely not related to #27234 as the parts that cause the bugs in #27194 aren't clipped into the craft that I made for that bug report.

#3 Updated by vespum about 2 months ago

This has been fixed in 1.11.2

#4 Updated by Deepspeed about 1 month ago

I had some massive explosions during EVA construction due to derpy glitches.

I had no problem if I clicked a part and moved it directly to its destination. The problems arose when I clicked a part and could not reach the destination easily. When building off-ladder in orbit, you can drift out of range of all possible placement options for a particular piece before getting it placed. Sometimes, I was simply not allowed to drop this part in empty space and use the jetpack when this happened, but had to exit construction mode, which auto-snapped the part back to its original position. This is understandable, but when I move back into place and try removing that particular part a second time in order to place it properly, everything explodes as soon as I remove it. This has happened multiple times and with multiple craft now.

A quick F5/F9 seems to fix the glitch even if done between the time you first glitch the part and the second time you remove it.

This is Win-64 KSP 1.11.2, updated over time, all DLC.

#5 Updated by Anth12 about 1 month ago

Deepspeed that is most likely #27234

Dont grab the part after it snaps back into the original position or it will move the entire craft (it wont highlight to show its bugged)
Grab another part first, place it back. then grab the first part again.

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