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Continuous stream of deployed science Screen Messages

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In 1.7.2, I was getting a LOT of deployed science screen messages (that annoyingly need to be cleared one-at-a-time...)

When I just launched 1.7.3, I am now getting an continuous, unending stream of deployed science screen messages - hundreds every minute; when I stopped the game, I had over 3000 messages (that all need to be cleared one-at-a-time...)

persistent.sfs (4.17 MB) persistent.sfs Bob Trembley's game save - started with v1.7.1 AstroBalrog, 07/12/2019 02:17 PM
Screenshot from 2019-07-12 14-57-25.png (1.28 MB) Screenshot from 2019-07-12 14-57-25.png drvoke, 07/12/2019 09:59 PM
persistent.sfs (4.27 MB) persistent.sfs drvoke, 07/12/2019 09:59 PM
screenshot751.png (1.8 MB) screenshot751.png Look at the screen messages and the messages button in the upper right. jjansen, 07/13/2019 10:07 PM
44108 Messages.png (2.93 KB) 44108 Messages.png Screen shot of thousands of screen messages AstroBalrog, 07/15/2019 12:54 PM


#1 Updated by Robert.Keech 8 days ago

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How many deployed science stations do you have deployed?
Could you provide your save file.

#2 Updated by AstroBalrog 8 days ago

9 deployed stations: 3 on Kerbin, 3 on the Mun, 3 on Minmus.

I've attached my save; I'm using a crap-ton a mods tho... I'd be willing to start a new game using no mods, and re-create the deployments.

A couple of my early deployments on the Mun and Minmus did not have comms stations (hadn't researched them yet), and were spamming messages that science was generated and being stored.

A new message that I'm seeing today is "Mystery Goo has generated and transmitted 0.00 Science."

#3 Updated by Robert.Keech 8 days ago

Thanks for the info and save file.
Don't worry about creating a new save.
Because you are using a lot of mods there is a high chance that it is a mod issue.

#4 Updated by drvoke 8 days ago


Got this on Linux, Steam version running on Ubuntu 18.04. My only mod is Precise Editor, but I've tried it without Precise Editor and it still happens. I've provided a screenshot demonstrating the amount of messages received in a Kerbal day on my save. I've also provided my persistent save.

#5 Updated by msebregts 7 days ago

I can confirm this happening on KSP with 1.7.1 Making History & 1.2.0 Breaking Ground on Linux (64-bit Ubuntu 18.04). I don't use any mods.

With two active surface experiments (an Ion Collector on Mun and Minmus), about 40 screen messages are generated when warping one day. Generated science varies between 0.04 and 0.1 per message.

#6 Updated by jjansen 7 days ago

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I can confirm; it looks like the ground science announcement time resolution was upped by two orders of magnitude; I'm getting announcements for transmitted science in amounts under 0.002 science every few in-game minutes.

I run a low-medium modded game; with the exception of SCANSat and (technically) MechJeb, I run no parts mods.

Please see attached pic for more info.

This did not happen in 172: minimum resolution of messages was like once per day and about 30 science per instance.

#7 Updated by jjansen 7 days ago

  • Expansion Core Game, Making History added

#8 Updated by Centaurus87 5 days ago

I too run a load of mods. But the stream of messages is getting insane. I've started a new game to try out all the Breaking Ground stuff and back and forth to Minmus I'm already getting about 250-300 messages, each way.
I'm currently making a Duna transfer with 2 scansats and 3 kerbals in a boat. 'Luckily' the counter broke at 551 after alt+tabbing to report this.

#9 Updated by AstroBalrog 5 days ago


Update: After being in-game for about an hour, I have 44,108 messages on the toolbar icon; I'm not sure if it's related, but the time it's taking to switch from the VAB to the Launchpad, or to revert to VAB while in-flight has greatly increased.

Interesting note: If I shutdown KSP and restart, the screen messages start at about 5 (messages from contracts I have not cleared yet); just sitting at the KSC (without time accelerating), after about 15 seconds the messages start pouring in.

#10 Updated by rrowland 3 days ago

Also seeing this. Built a base of 3 next to launchpad to test it out, noticed that I was getting notifications of 0.000 science very often, drowning out any useful notifications. Unfortunately this is annoying enough that I turned them off and basically refuse to build any until these are fixed, going through 50+ messages every launch isn't fun. I'm excited about using this feature of this expansion I just paid for, so anything above "Low" priority would be great.

If this is intended to fire every day, I'm also worried that "fixing it" by reverting to daily will still have a similar effect when speeding up time for long transfers. I'd like to suggest removing it as a notification altogether and leaving it as a screen message only, once per day. In fact, it seems like that may have been the intention. The title of the message is "Screen Message" so maybe whomever implemented intended this to only be a screen message and not a notification.

Lastly, a related general ask: A feature to filter notifications out. May help alleviate the impact of similar issues in the future.

#11 Updated by jjansen 2 days ago

Welp, I found a way to at least get around the spam until the issue is fixed. I know this a far-from-ideal coarse workaround (or a blunt hack if you like), but at the very least we can continue to play in peace, though not with active ground science transmission.

In the persistent.sfs, changing ALL instances of the lines:

name = ModuleGroundExpControl
isEnabled = True


name = ModuleGroundExpControl
isEnabled = False

(or just turning off the ground science controllers in-game) will stop the experiments from communicating in any way, thus eliminating the message spam but also all associated science. Reversing the operation (in-game will take a kerbal physically at the experiments, which defeats the purpose) in Notepad will turn them back on.

Disabling the ground communicator in the same way didn't seem to have any effect (at all? I know I tried it but I don't think the ground comms have the same mechanics as the experiment controls, and I think I saw that when a ground controller has a nearby antenna, it changes its own comms power, so...).

To the best of my understanding, there's nothing that changed in the .sfs that would cause this, and my own and rrowland's experimentation shows that newly deployed modules react with the same bug, in old saves or new (I checked).

Please make no mistake: I do not consider this to be any kind of acceptable fix. This is a simple hack to allow play until the bug is addressed in a patch.

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