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Deployed science notification spam

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What happens: Breaking Ground deployed experiments are causing hundreds of messages to pop up and remain in the log after time warping for relatively short periods.

This is because they are transmitting tiny amounts of science very frequently. The total amount of science being generated is significant but not the packages it is being sent in. This results in hundreds of notifications piling up when time warping for a significant length of time, with each notification telling the player they earned some extremely tiny amount of science, like 0.002.

Players do not need to be alerted every time they earn 0.002 science from a particular experiment, and these notifications are very annoying to delete. Ideally, data would transmit and alerts would be sent out over a much longer interval, so an actually significant amount of science is allowed to build up before a notification is sent.

To reproduce this bug (in version 1.7.3):

1. Establish a deployed science outpost somewhere with a Go-ob ED Monitor, enough power, and central control units.
2. Return to the KSC and timewarp for a bit (say ten in game days, a perfectly realistic amount of time to be warping in this game)
3. Hover over the far lower right hand corner of the GUI. There will be dozens if not hundreds of messages that say “Screen Message”. When clicked, they will all say that an extremely small amount of science was successfully transmitted from the mystery goo. Each one must be manually deleted.

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We've made some changes in 1.8.0 that I think should make this better. Looking forward to some feedback.

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