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Parts Colliding with Fairings

Added by shawnsdigital almost 4 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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1. BUG:
*When launching any ship with a fairing, anything inside the fairing collides with it and causes an RUD. (Random Unplanned Disassembly)

*Launch any ship with a fairing covering several parts. I've included file of ship file, although it seems ALL of my designs that include fairings are having this issue.

  • Sometimes things do manage to stay together, but you can clearly see there are issues when loading any ship with or without a fairing. It seems a lot "rougher" than 1.2.2
  • When ships do survive the loading, parts are typically offset and rotated from their origin both cosmetically and in the physics model. Ships will have serious torque and aerodynamic issues if you try to fly the ship.
  • 1.3.0 (modded/unmodded)
  • 1.2.2 Could not recreate
  • No other tests conducted
  • 1.25m and 2.5m were used. (Rarely use 3.75, however I am assuming it has the same problem)
  • Approximately 7/10 ships will explode, 2/10 will be offset/skewed physically, 1/10 will appear to be functional.
5. MODS:
  • KSP Engineer Redux
  • KSP Alarm Clock
Discovery One.craft (132 KB) Discovery One.craft Fails 99% shawnsdigital, 06/01/2017 02:14 AM
Kerbal RLM3 test.craft (87.6 KB) Kerbal RLM3 test.craft Fails 90%, 1 Successful launch. shawnsdigital, 06/01/2017 02:18 AM
screenshot1258.png (775 KB) screenshot1258.png [email protected] Azimech, 06/04/2017 10:45 AM
screenshot95.png (949 KB) screenshot95.png [email protected] jcb47769, 07/29/2017 05:48 PM
screenshot94.png (998 KB) screenshot94.png [email protected] jcb47769, 07/29/2017 05:48 PM
screenshot96.png (976 KB) screenshot96.png [email protected] jcb47769, 07/29/2017 05:48 PM
Mohohoho.craft (154 KB) Mohohoho.craft [email protected] jcb47769, 07/29/2017 05:49 PM


#1 Updated by Azimech almost 4 years ago

I have noticed this as well. I had to change the configuration of the autostruts multiple times and add normal struts to prevent this. Looking at the fact not everyone uses autostruts except they're forced to when using landing legs or wheels, this is a problem.

#2 Updated by Azimech almost 4 years ago


Seems to me a part of the problem is that the fairings are not hollow anymore after loading the simulation, new colliders are automatically created to connect them internally. Maybe the properties of these colliders could be changed: only for shielding parts from the atmosphere while not creating problems with the colliders of the shielded parts.

Another problem is that it's no longer possible to decouple parts inside a fairing and have them move around. This limits the development of for example stock electrical engines and turboprops.

#3 Updated by bewing almost 4 years ago

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Azimech: Pointy fairings were never hollow. Interstage fairings are always hollow. So we will need a more complete report if you are really seeing a difference.

Beyond that, there is a fix to test for the fairing collisions in the next release.

#4 Updated by jcb47769 almost 4 years ago


Just want to confirm this is pretty consistent for me as well - I've had to stop using fairings in 1.3 altogether. I build a lot of ships with heavy payloads that are balanced on small decouplers or docking ports, and heavily autostrutted, but no traditional struts or fuel lines. My outer boosters are sometimes strutted to root, and my impression is that the weight of the outer boosters sags, pulling on the root part and crashing bits of it into the fairing. Oddly the same ship will sometimes explode completely, with the fairing decoupling from the lifter, and sometimes only a part or 2 will be torn off inside the fairing and smashed into the side. Same ship, no fairing no problems. Modded and stock both easy to recreate.

Edit - that Mohohoho.craft file is the one without the fairing, that loads fine. Now I add a fairing back to it and the problem is gone and I can't recreate it again. sorry.

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This hasnt been a problem for a long time

#7 Updated by chris.fulton about 2 years ago

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