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01:03 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13038: Fuel transfer fails after undock/dock when root part is on side with less mass
Likely duplicate of 1.2 Pre-Release Bug #12244 (but the mass and root part information is new).


07:41 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13017: Shroud Mis-alignment on Separators & Decouplers
Duplicate/copy of Bug #12854 from the 1.2 Pre-Release bug tracker.
07:34 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13019 (Duplicate): Jettison wrong placed
Duplicate of Bug #13017


03:49 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #12977: Stock autopilot can not accurately point at a target when controlling from a docking port radially mounted on a fuel tank
The target hold of the autopilot always seems to do the rotation as if the docking port was connected to the root par...
07:31 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #12974: Pressing Alt+F12 will not open debug menu
RightShift+F12 on Linux (Ctrl+Alt+F12 will switch you to the 12th virtual terminal, btw).


08:30 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #12854 (Confirmed): Engine shroud displaced on reload
I have seen this for (at least) the second time now.
When switching to a vessel, its engine shroud was displaced, bu...


07:11 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #9364: Completed contract notifications remain after reverting
Also reported as 1.1prerelease Bug #8657
07:09 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #9379: Underwater parts become invisible when highlighted
Might be related to/ duplicate of Bug #9329


09:01 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #9355 (Updated): Cannot transfer fuel between 2 docked ships
Somebody with the proper rights to do so should close this .
08:56 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #9354: Pinning Action Menu for Two Radially Mounted Parts Disables Other Action Menus
Seems to be the same as 1.1prerelease Bug #9296

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