09:21 AM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #21009 (New): No visual feedback in joystick axis mapping for deadzone/sensitivity adjustment
this is sibling to #21008, but not tied to it
The lack of realtime feedback on the joystick axis mapping screen ca...
08:04 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #21008 (New): Joystick axis mapping does not show "Friendly name" of joystick used
when mapping joystick axes while using multiple controllers, the configurator only shows the internal list ID# of the...
07:53 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #21007 (New): Joystick buttons in input mapping screen do not show which joystick they belong to
I run two joysticks - a flight stick (4 axis, 7 buttons, hat) and a game pad (4 axis, 12 buttons, hat) (the exacts ar...


11:49 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #1144: Loss of control of pitch down and roll left when SAS is active and when playing with a Xbox 360 gamepad, axes bound to joysticks (pitch left, roll right).
You need to increase the deadzone in the joystick mappings. there is no perfect joystick, and the sticks on game cons...


05:08 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #455: Fuel is drawn from lower tanks when upper tanks have a fuel line attached
I'd like to get a clarification on this - is there a running engine in the stack core? which way is the fuel line poi...

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