04:59 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #19277: Some thumbnails in not working
I can confirm this bug. I thought it was mods, but apparently it isn't.
To be specific thumbnails in the science...


04:54 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #17986 (New): No occlusion on part highlighters in VAB/SPH under OpenGL on drivers that do no...
Part highlighters are visible behind objects and have various other occlusion glitches in the VAB/SPH when the depth ...
04:38 PM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #17985 (New): Air intakes should use a curve w/ cutoff speed for intake air quantity.
In actual jet engines, the intakes behave differently at different speeds.
The since we aren't bothering to consid...
04:28 PM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #16063: Jet engine speed modifier does not properly scale with altitude.
Thank you.
It would be notable that the cutoff speed should be pretty much flat until you hit the altitude limit r...


06:40 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #17871 (Duplicate): Top row has top half cut off of part thumbnails in VAB.
The top row of the part thumbnails in the part selection buttons in the VAB has top half cut off.
If you scroll do...
06:12 PM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #17210: Crucial anti-frustration parts come too late in the tech tree
I'd recommend adding a low power fuel cell that only has equivalent power to the small surface mount solar panel.
05:56 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #17832: Experiment Storage Unit is unusually dark in part picture in tech tree
I can confirm this.
Is it a shader bug on thumbnail or bad thumbnail?
If I remember right it also affects th...
05:52 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #17825: MK1-3 Command Pod Crew Display
Added Linux and OS X, bug is obviously not platform specific.


02:25 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13268: Part fails to load when next folder is read-olny
I think Hexicube has the right lead on this.
It seems that Unity faults on file open of a read-only file being ope...
02:19 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #16935: Memory Leak?
Reducing to high because it is seemingly mod related.
Should be increased back to critical if it can be replicated...

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