Bug #27020

2nd Satellite repair contract fails to complete (refers to a part from the previous 1st contract's vessel)

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(Attached quicksave file).

A satellite repair contract from the quicksave refuses to complete because it claims I did not repair the Communicatron 16 antenna when I absolutely did. This is the contract in question from the attached save file:

                guid = c072ab91-3b9b-47e6-8dde-9636ff7230a3
                type = VesselRepairContract

I investigated in the save file and I see something very suspicious.
This contract claims the the part I need to repair is the following one:

                    name = RepairPartParameter
                    state = Incomplete
                    values = 0,0,0,0,0
                    bodyName = Kerbin
                    partName = longAntenna
                    partPersistentId = 1509972433
                    vesselPersistentId = 3819982714

What I find suspicious about this is that while a part with persistentId=1509972433 does exist in the save file, it is NOT on a vessel with persistentId=3819982714 as described by this contract parameter. It's on a vessel with persistentId=490346003 instead.

That older vessel, with persistentId=490346003, also coincidentally happens to be one that was spawned by this very same type of contract earlier in the game.

I suspect this: This type of contract only works right the first time it spawns a vessel of this specific design. The second time the same design of vessel is spawned by a second instance of this contract, it won't complete because it's using a part ID that's on the vessel the first contract spawned, not the new second vessel.


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Dunbaratu, nice detective work. Thank you!

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We've made some changes in the latest version of the game and would like some feedback on this issue. Thanks.

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victorr wrote:

... would like some feedback on this issue...

Looks like bug still there for me in (Windows x64) en-us.
Savefile attached.

2 satellites of same design spawned:
"Aging The Mun RSA Satellite 4B81" - over Mun, "install part" contract.
"Damaged Kerbin MLA Sattelite 4L-8" - over Kerbin, "repair part" contract.
Engeneer fixing part at 4L-8 - game ignores.
Also, part cannot be detached before repairing - game resists ("operation in progress, cannot detach") - but after repair (not counted by contract) part can be detached, reattached and after that will appears as broken again.

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