Bug #26887 not Undock. Please put assigning Undocking back into the action groups and kal controllers. Explanation within.

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The following was in the change log:
"Players can no longer assign the Undock node Action. This has been removed as it
was causing confusion with the Decouple node Action in some parts. Crafts with
the action assigned can still fire it."

The decouple option should only apply to decouplers.
The undocking option should only apply to docking ports.

What is actually happening:

Crafts with joined docking ports in the SPH/VAB when launched have the decouple node option

This is actually the bug which is causing confusion for players. Its been in the game for as long as I can remember.

Make docking ports have the undocking option after exiting the SPH/VAB
Make only decouplers have the decouple option.

They are actions that apply to completely different mechanisms

Look to the screen shots to see what I mean.

Just Launched from SPH.png (2.56 MB) Just Launched from SPH.png Anth12, 12/19/2020 02:50 AM
Separated and then redocked.png (2.59 MB) Separated and then redocked.png Anth12, 12/19/2020 02:50 AM


#1 Updated by Anth12 4 months ago

  • Subject changed from Decouple...does not Undock. Please put assigning Undocking back into the action groups and kal controllers. Explanation within. to not Undock. Please put assigning Undocking back into the action groups and kal controllers. Explanation within.

#2 Updated by Anth12 4 months ago

Once the option for a docking port is 'Undock' Decouple will not work

#3 Updated by dok_377 4 months ago

Completely agree. Docking ports can only decouple stuff through action groups when it's attached in the editor. When something redocks, the docking port doesn't have the "Decouple" option anymore, it's now Undock. And the Undock option cannot be activated through action groups, because action groups now only have the Decouple option, which is clearly not Undock. Seems like an oversight in decision making. Or coding, for that matter.

#4 Updated by Anth12 4 months ago

Its a very minor bug that was easy to get around with hitting the action group with Decouple and Undock. But now there is no work around

#5 Updated by Rakete 4 months ago

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I second this report. Please put it back in the action group menue.
Or otherwise fusion the functionality of "undock" and "uncouple" of the docking ports. I want assign a action group to get rid of anything that is docked to a docking port, if I wish to.

#7 Updated by MattStryker 3 months ago

I completely agree. I just put "decouple" AND "Undock" on every docking port. Why in the world did you remove that option? I was reediting an older craft and before I realized it, I had accidently lost my ability to undock it with an action group, just because I was changing the number to a different number. I had saved it before I realized there was no option to put it back. Why did you take that away? what was the possible reasoning behind removing a function I use on EVERY SINGLE CRAFT I make? Seriously, why remove an option? I can't get over it. It makes absolutely no sense at all. It was there, it worked, and you said, "eh...let's just take that away from them."

#8 Updated by Anth12 2 months ago

Did Testing for 1.11.0 verses 1.11.1.

1.11.1 is now reverted to 1.10.1 operation

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