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Camera randomly zooms out from craft in flight view when switching back and forth to map view.

Added by MechBFP 10 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Occasionally when changing back from map view to flight view, the camera will be zoomed out very far, requiring manual zooming in to be able to see the craft again.
This may have also occurred very very rarely in previous builds, but it is quite common in 1.10.

Newby Satellite.craft (41.7 KB) Newby Satellite.craft icosahedron1, 07/07/2020 05:25 PM


#1 Updated by klesh 10 months ago

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Can confirm that its happening more in 1.10 than in the past for me. No reproduction steps yet.

#2 Updated by Technicalfool 10 months ago

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#4 Updated by icosahedron1 10 months ago

Found replication steps in my savegame. It was only reproducable during sub-orbital flight.

I attached my whole craft below. It happens more noticably above 60km height and becomes more excessive as altitude increases. At 120km height it zooms far enough that I can't even see the craft.

Steps to replicate:
1. Launch rocket straight up with sas(for stability).
2. Separate stage when boosters are empty.
3. Swap to map/press M during free ascent.
(4?). Separate to final stage. Bug still persists but not to the same extent.

Craft file -

#5 Updated by Alain 9 months ago

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I also experience this bug in linux. I'm almost sure my craft was in orbit, but it might also have been in a suborbital trajectory with almost orbital velocity. What was interesting is that it seemed to zoom out just as far as needed to show both the craft and the detached stage. I could repeat this multiple times, and the stage was always just visible at the edge of the screen. To me, it seems like the code thinks the detached stage is still a part of the craft which should be shown.
Thanks for making my favorite game, hope this helps!

#6 Updated by KerbalKiller2000 6 months ago

I also noticed that it happens a lot when going to another planet/moon, and it doesn't just happen during suborbital flight for me. It happens most when on a suborbital trajectory, although it still happens when in orbit.

#7 Updated by victorr 3 months ago

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We've made some changes in the latest version of the game and would like some feedback on this issue. Thanks.

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