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SM-18 and SM-25 Service Module internal access not working

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I have seen similar bugs reported but not this one specifically. If it is a repeat my apologies.

When using the SM-18 or SM-25 service modules, access to the parts (science equipment etc) inside the module is only available immediately after jettisoning the shrouds through staging. If a Kerbal is taken on EVA, the vessel is switched and then switched back or if you return to the space center and then back to the vessel the service modules act as if the shrouds have not been jettisoned at all. The shrouds do not show up and you can visually see the parts that are within the bays, but they are unable to be clicked on, or used by Kerbals on EVA. The parts are still active if they are bound to action groups. This does not allow for clean-up of one time use science parts such as the mystery goo by an EVA scientist.

Originally discovered in a modded version of the game. Game was uninstalled, and mods removed. A fresh install from steam was then used to test this bug again. Bug found present in a clean install of V1.4.2 with Making History Installed.

The two pictures showing the experiment click menus are taking just after shroud is staged off. The experiments become stuck inside the service module as soon as the EVA is started, (shown in picture) and stay stuck inside after (also shown).

I did managed to complete a mission by zooming in so that I was "inside" the service module and could have the cursor within it and select any science parts this way. Once selected the menus were pinned and left that way for the duration. Makes it playable but slightly frustrating and cluttered.


#1 Updated by Jungfaha about 3 years ago

Confirmed its as if it just for show... pls fix

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Related reports:

Bug #18248 (Service modules missing buttons and incomplete shroud removal) connects to two other related reports:
Feedback #18085 requests to making staging an option for service modules. This would be a co-requirement of a deploy option in the part menu in flight.
Bug #18041 reports that covers/shrouds don't deploy fast enough and are still there after leaving and coming back.
Bug #18032 reports similar to 18041 except concerning starting without shrouds.

I think that this bug is pretty much another description of 18041 which describes how the contents are inaccessible after returning from another ship or KSC.

#3 Updated by Squelch about 3 years ago

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This should now be fixed.

#4 Updated by jclovis3 about 3 years ago

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While the shrouds stay gone, you cannot access any parts attached to the interior of these service modules. Trying to right-click on any internal part results in the action menu for the service module opening up.

Also, in the VAB, you can't grab and remove any parts once placed inside.

#5 Updated by klesh about 3 years ago

I can confirm this is not fixed in 1.4.3, and we can add the SM-6A to the list.
Just launched a craft with a shroudless SM-6A inside a fairing (shroud removed via PAW in VAB and left off at launch). Popped fairing to reveal SM-6A and its contents, antennae acts as though they are stowed, and I have to put the camera inside the SM-6A to be able to click the science experiments.

#7 Updated by uhfueh94yfydfhvh over 2 years ago

I am seeing slightly similar issues in KSP 1.5, where I cannot interact with any part (science, in my case) inside the SM-18 module at all. If I enter the launch pad with a vehicle including the SM-18 service module with the shroud "off", I am not able to interact with any of the parts right from the start. This behaviour also occurs if I enter the launch pad with the shroud enabled and deploy it.

#9 Updated by inopinatus about 2 years ago

Confirmed this bug is still present in 1.6.1.

#10 Updated by MechBFP about 2 years ago

Can confirm as well. Still a problem.

#11 Updated by chris.fulton about 2 years ago

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Changes have been made up to 1.7, this issue should be fixed and moving it to RTT.

#12 Updated by klesh about 2 years ago

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chris.fulton wrote:

Changes have been made up to 1.7, this issue should be fixed and moving it to RTT.

Okay, I just had a test of what was described by the OP. This does seem to be fixed.
I used both SM-18 & SM-25, eva'd kerbals and also went back to space center and then back to craft and all variations do seem to work. That is, all stowed parts behind the jettisonable doors are in fact accessible and function as one would expect. Yay!

However, the "cannot deploy when stowed" bug that I posted using the SM-6a is still present, but different... you no longer need to move the camera inside the part to access experiments and antennae. If you do remove the shroud on any of the SM's in the VAB and leave them off and launch the craft, you run into the "cannot deploy" issue. Now though, science experiments work fine, its simply antennae that refuse to deploy. I'm thinking that should get its own bug entry now, because its different enough to warrant its own entry while this entry here should probably be marked as resolved/complete.


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Please enter a new bug since the original report is now fixed. Thank You.

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