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Create a Support >FAQ< on Main KSP page distilled from bug tracker

Added by AlffromKerbal about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Like here #13987 and maybe many other issues posted on bugtracker. It might help to fix problems which might or might not be a bug, but at least target many issues solvable individually.

- Would be helpful if those are rewritten for public understanding
- Should be filtered by OS, but not completly seperated due to multiOS problems
- Should also add, if bug or intended or feature, like here #13986

I mean, don't just dismiss issues for some reason, do archive it as a FAQ, i think this would help much for every outsider (or helper if poster doesn't check him/her itself). I think, that this would be helpful for you as well, providing some kind of knowlegdebase.


#2 Updated by AlffromKerbal about 4 years ago

Information in your first link helped me in the past to solve a problem. But when searching the forum for "game settings" i get unrelated topics.

My thought was more like a list of topics i.e. "RCS thrusters are constantly rotating the ship without input" or "Game settings reset to defaults between game launches" ... Some more or less precise induvidually questions. When clicked on it, it could open related topics in bugtracker - of course people could search the bugtracker aswell, some might check out support FAQs first.

A simple filter for words in topic to shorten the list might help too, i.e. "settings && reset".

To keep it simple and work as few as possible, topics on bugtracker which would fit, would just be tagged with a "FAQ" which would automaticly be included in such a list and also as easy removed from it, when it's obsolete.

I thought this might be a good idea, but i'm not in a daily business with such things.

I just checked -> support. You get confronted with a form to fill out and you might oversee the link to FAQ in the little text below the huge topic. I think that FAQ should be the first thing people (have to) see and then have a small info about a contact form.
My suggestion would be to just expand those already existent FAQs (i forgot that there already were some) with formerly said.

Btw. sorry for bad english.

#3 Updated by sal_vager about 4 years ago

I can add those, thanks for the suggestion :)

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