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When a kerbal hits his head on the ground in an EAS-1 seat, he turns into a ragdoll and their vehicle becomes uncontrollable.

Added by Labbu almost 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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KSP version: v0.90.0.705 Windows 64-bit
What Happens: The kerbal occupying the EAS-1 seat becomes a ragdoll and the vehicle he sits in become uncontrollable.
Mods/Add-ons: Stock only

Steps To Replicate:
1) Build a rover according to the following instructions (building process also shown in attached video:
Place a MK-1 pod*
Attach a 200 l-Beam to the back of the pod*
Attach a docking port to the end of the beam, and another docking port "docked" with the first docking port*
To this second docking port, attach, in order, a structural fuelsage, an FL-r25 RCS tank, another structural fuelsage and at the end a Z-1k battery*
Attach 2 wheels to each fuelsage using the "Mirror Symmetry" tool*
Attach 8 RCS thruster blocks to the RCS tank using the "Radial Symmetry" tool*
Place an EAS-1 seat on top of one of the fuelsage closest to the docking port*

2) Launch the craft
3) Undock the rover
4) When the rover stops rolling to the edge of the launchpad, perform an EVA
5) Approach the rover from the side and have the kerbal enter the seat
6) Once the kerbal in in the EAS-1, activate the RCS thrusters and hold "H" to thrust off of the side of the launchpad
7) The rover with flip over forwards and the kerbal will hit his head on the ground

Result: The rover is now inoperable, the kerbal has become a ragdoll and is incapable of doing anything

Fixes/Workarounds: None found so far, aside from recovering the vessel (when on Kerbin). I originally encountered this bug on Minimus, so recovering the vessel was not an option.

Additional Notes:
- .craft file for the demonstration rover included
- Demonstration video can be found here:
- Demonstration of bug on Minimus can be found here:
- When returning to the space center and then going back to the rover, the kerbal temporarily gets his head stuck in the ground. shortly after, he and the rover get launched into the sky. On Minimus, if the rover manages to land on it's wheels, the kerbal remains a ragdoll and the rover remains uncontrollable.
- Sometime when trying to replicate this bug the kerbal may get flung out of his seat. If this happens the bug will (obviously) not occur.

Rover - Ragdoll Bug Demonstration.craft (37.5 KB) Rover - Ragdoll Bug Demonstration.craft .craft file for demonstration rover Labbu, 04/15/2015 05:27 PM
Skjermbilde 2015-09-15 kl. 00.09.19.png (729 KB) Skjermbilde 2015-09-15 kl. 00.09.19.png gekko513, 09/14/2015 10:23 PM
DebrisKerbal.png (346 KB) DebrisKerbal.png gekko513, 09/14/2015 10:32 PM


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I too have experienced this.
Then when you go to the astronaut building, they are listed as killed.

#2 Updated by Windowsfreak almost 5 years ago

Obviously, the Kerbal broke its neck. Thus, the ragdolling Kerbal is a corpse.
Although I believe that it is a bug, it is actually a nice feature to have a Kerbal be classified as debris, when such thing happens.

#3 Updated by gekko513 over 4 years ago


I also experienced something similar, except that my kerbal did not turn into a rag doll. My rover tipped over (on Mun) and my kerbal was in the seat under it. I then started moving and my kerbal became loose from under the rover. As he got loose, the rover also flipped back the right way up, and control was now on the driverless rover. My kerbal was left standing on the ground, now classified as debris. I can switch to him, but not control him.

#4 Updated by gekko513 over 4 years ago


Oh, and the kerbal is not listed as dead. He's listed as assigned.

Unlike Labbu, I can also switch to the rover and drive it around.

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Closing this report out for now. If you find it is still occuring in the latest version of KSP please open a new report (and this one can be linked to it.) For best results, the wiki contains really useful info for when creating a report

You can also ask questions about the bug cleanup in the forum here: and tag @TriggerAu to get my attention

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