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in-flight contract window shows unfolds non-present part contracts

Added by BloodyRain2k over 6 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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It's a nice feature that the contracts which got a requirement fulfilled get unfolded so you can check.
Too bad that it insists on doing that too for contracts that can't even be fulfilled because their needed part(s) aren't present.
Even worse when these are at the top and you fold them up because they are irrelevant but keep getting unfolded cause whatever derp happened there.

So I'd like to suggest making the in-flight contract window aware of which contracts even need to be unfolded by default:
Contracts that can't even be fulfilled because a part is missing or you aren't on the right body should be folded up by default and stay like unless the player changes their folding state or you have changed the body so that they fit now.


#1 Updated by Mesons over 6 years ago

Have you looked at the part list in the VAB when you accept an impossible contract like that? The part(s) you are missing shows up with a blue background and with ** EXPERIMENTAL ** caption on the part's button. You are allowed to use the part until the contract is fulfilled, or at least that's the impression I got from exploring those contracts.

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This isn't a bug. Parts that you don't have research for, but are required for a contract are indeed given in the VAB/SPH. They can be quickly identified by the blue background.

The rest of this post is just feedback on the state of contract information that is displayed.

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#4 Updated by cartman over 6 years ago

Guys, reread the issue. He is talking about missing parts on the current vehicle in-flight.
In short: In-flight, if no test part is present for the contract then don't unfold it. Which is a great idea.

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