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Everything moves on any surface over time. Impossible to make stable bases.

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Just made rovermax with kerbodyne s3-3600 tank beneath it. This setup moves on any surface over time. At minmus it moves roughtly 1cm/minute to west.
I did confirm this by making KOS module which shows original lat and lng coordinates and compares them to present location.

It seems that this bug is related to planets rotation velocity.

But it shouldn't be like this, there should be some tolerances be made for ships to not this happen.

landing-legs related

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#1 Updated by [email protected] 3 months ago

This is because any vessel is actually jumping all the time slightly 1/10th millimeter. This should be the tolerance which should be made.

#2 Updated by [email protected] 3 months ago

It seems ship moves to east. not west. Heavier vessels moves lot faster than light. You can see apoapsis ETA jumping when standing still on all vessels.

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#4 Updated by [email protected] 3 months ago

This isn't landing legs Related, happens without anything attached to bottom of tank. It doesnt happen If tank is root Part, or movement is then very minimal.
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#5 Updated by Deepspeed about 1 month ago

I have had serious issues with a Minmus mining base sliding around as if it were on wheels, but only when I connect a certain ship to it.

I have a large mining ship with a medium rover connected to it through a docking port. These have lots of drills, ore tanks, etc. Then I have a rover made of the largest S3 tank which connects to the base and moves fuel to a transport ship, which then brings it into orbit. This all works great. Just as planned. Note that this base is built around one vertical ship on landing legs, and with rovers on ruggedized wheels attaching to it through docking ports.

Now, this base moves a bit over time. It hops a bit every time I load into the area and it does move a few meters per week of playing, but not enough to hurt anything.

Well, I decided to expand the base again and added another similar ship with extra drills and ore tanks, etc. I landed it very near and used EVA construction to attach them with a huge horizontal stack of batteries with a docking port on the end to mate with the add-on ship. Everything goes just fine until the moment when I finish construction and the bases snap together. They instantly start drifting and spinning as if they were sliding on an ice rink. They move several meters per minute, and rotate as well. This makes it impossible to keep the base stable over time and is too annoying to work with when trying to detach/reattach the tanker rover to the base.

Unhooking the add-on ship stops the rotation almost immediately. I've connected them several times and from several angles now, only to have the same effect each time. I've adjusted the springs and dampering, etc on the landing legs as well, as well as using brakes and friction control on all the wheels. Nothing stops this from happening. It could be related to the root part of the add-on ship now that I look at this post, but either way, it's very annoying to have to make every base-expansion ship a rover on wheels to keep the base from skating away around the planet/moon when expanded.

#6 Updated by Deepspeed about 1 month ago

Note that the ship which causes the sliding issues is also on landing legs, like the base's core ship. The rovers on wheels don't cause this sliding, but when I connect the second ship on legs, it induces this spinning/sliding, and stops when they disconnect.

#7 Updated by IanNewbie 22 days ago

I also have this problem. I have a small mining base on the Mun. Have retracted the landing legs and over a period of 1 days mining I am seeing at least 50m of movement from the initial landing point. This then later makes the mining operation explode

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