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Landing Gear Clips Through Terrain, Wheels do not Move Vessel

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Landing gear will clip through the terrain and the vessel will continue sliding even on the slightest slope. Brakes do not work and wheels will not move the craft. This bug was found on a modded install, but I have met some players that have experienced this on complete stock. Stock and modded landing gear of all types are all affected. Linked is an example of what happens

The only solution I have found is starting a new save, however, this is only temporary. The issue always comes back.

I can provide more documentation and footage, as the bug is easy to reproduce and occurs 80% of the time

This is absolutely gamebreaking

reeeeeee.png (1.7 MB) reeeeeee.png SACR3DBAC0N, 09/02/2020 10:13 PM
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#1 Updated by Dunbaratu 23 days ago

I'd like to add that the reason this kind of bug is massively unfair and is infuriating to players is that it leaves us helpless to save the game or leave the scene because of the rule that refuses to let you go "on rails" when sliding more than 0.4 m/s on the ground. If on hardest difficulty, the player is actually forced to destroy the ship just to be allowed to leave the game, when it's not the player's fault the dang ship won't stop when it should.

If these bugs are hard to fix (the interaction between landing legs and ground keeps getting allegedly "fixed" with each release and it just swaps some bugs for other bugs, each time) then perhaps effort could instead be put into finding a better way to make it safe to go on rails without having to get your speed all the way down below 0.4 m/s to do so. The inability to save or leave the scene is the real source of player anger here.

One possible fix could be to have the dialog box say, "You are moving at xxx m/s along the ground. If you leave the scene now your speed will be zeroed out and it will forget all motion you are currently undergoing. Is this acceptable? (y/n)?" And then increase the threshold for allowed scene-leaving to something higher than the current 0.4 it seems to be (I don't know if it's exactly 0.4 but it seems to be about that much right now). I'd say that as long as the ship's linear speed is < 4 m/s and its rotational speed is less than about 10 degrees per second, then it's safe to assume its not sliding or tumbling fast enough to make bits break off, and thus it wouldn't be a cheat to let the player freeze it by going on rails at that point. It's only saving the time it takes to sit there and wait forever for it to finish sliding slowly down the gentle slope.

#2 Updated by SACR3DBAC0N 18 days ago

UPDATE: I have narrowed this down to being related to one of the DLCs, not mods. Not sure which one, but removing SquadExpansions from the gamedata directory seems to have, in my testing, rectified the problem for now. On another note, I am surprised that this issue has not been escalated, considering it's a gamebreaking issue caused by stock 1.10.1, is Squad even on this forum?

#3 Updated by SACR3DBAC0N 14 days ago

UPDATE: It is unfortunately not caused by the DLC. I truly do not know what is causing this.

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