Bug #24226

Radial Node Attaching on bicouplers do not work as they did in 1.7.3

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KSP 1.7.3 MH + BG (no mods)
KSP 1.8.0 MH + BG (no mods)

The issue I am reporting only applies to the problems that I have found in 1.8.0 that didn't happen in 1.7.3

The report is for the following parts (but may affect others):
Mk2 Bicoupler
TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler

Issue 1:
When trying to node attach to these parts in radial symmetry they don't work in 1.8
First 6 Screenshots show this problem compared to 1.7.3

How to reproduce:
1. First have radial symmetry set to off
2. Attempt to place a part with nodes to one of the nodes on the bicoupler
3. Set radial symmetry to on

Work Around:
Attach parts 1 at a time without the radial attach on.

Issue 2:
When a part has tried to be surface attached to the parts and then move the mouse to the radial node the symmetry is warped

How to reproduce:
1. Have radial selected
2. Take a part that can be surface attached and place it on the bicoupler
3. Move the mouse over to the node

1.8.0 Issue 2.png shows the first part
1.8.0 Issue 2 Result.png shows the result


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2nd issue first, I believe the fuel tank is trying to surface attach itself to the bi-coupler, and this is not a bug
The first issue, however, is confirmed. I also see a difference in the mirror symmetry behaviour between 1.8 and 1.7.3

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Just_Jim the following two videos are for clarification on the 2nd Issue
Each video less than 20 seconds.

1.7.3 (works as intended)


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Tested. Fixed. Resolved on both issues

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