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Robotic Parts in series lock up when autostrut is on

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Linux, OSX, Windows
Breaking Ground
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The robotics parts in Breaking Ground fail to move as assigned if they are in series with other robotic parts closer to the root and they have an autostrut enabled.
In the craft Hinge Test, I have a series of hinges and pistons. All hinges and pistons have different autostruts enabled and all have motors disabled but unlocked. What I expect to happen every hinge flops around as gravity takes over...making a complex pendulum, and all pistons to extend. If you turn the struts off one by one, the part will work as expected.

Land Rover Failed Joint is a folding rover I built that has the same issue. I have a controller set to unfold the rover when I click play. The first joint unfolds correctly, but the second joint does not if autostrut is on.

Hinge Test.craft (64.5 KB) Hinge Test.craft Test of hinges and pistons traisjames, 09/01/2019 12:28 AM
Land Rover Failed Joint.craft (117 KB) Land Rover Failed Joint.craft Actual rover traisjames, 09/01/2019 01:10 AM


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I've been able to reproduce the problem.

Having non-robotic parts with autostrut on either side of a robotic part seems to work fine. With the expected changes if the robotic part or locked or not locked.

Having an autostrut on a robotic part that has another (non locked) robotic part between itself and the vessel root, then that robotic part locks up. I.e. in a situation with the vessel root R, and robotic parts A and B connected like this:

R -> A -> B

Then if A is not locked and B has an autostrut, then B will lock up.

A robotic part that is directly connected to the root part of the vessel (here either A, or B with A being locked) does not freeze up when an autostrut is set. Except if the autostrut is set to heaviest and the heaviest part is on the downstream (non-root) side of the robotic part.

P.S. This doesn't just affect hinges and pistons, but all kinds of robotic parts.

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We've made some changes in the latest version and would like some feedback on this issue. Thanks.

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I've made a quick test, and it seems to work now. At least for the test case.

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