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Null Ref Causing most input to not work

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I am testing my first rocket that can get into space from Eve and somewhere in the staging I lose the ability to control the craft with the keyboard.
I could get the craft to point to prograde by pointing but the keyboard didnt seem to want to do anything except for getting into the debug menu and doing a screenshot.
Also I dont think I could move the perspective of the mouse either

Only way I could get out of KSP was to Alt-F4

Attached are the ksp.log and output_log.txt for the errors

Quick Save is for the craft that is currently on Eve.
If using the quick save throttle to full then stage to decouple from the landing pad.
Then stage off each of the boosters as you head into orbit.

I haven't had this problem before in 3 years of playing KSP so it might be a one off.

The screenshot is probably useless but it shows at the top that the Lights/Gear/Brakes is locked from input when it should have been accessible

KSP.log (473 KB) KSP.log Anth12, 04/17/2019 12:33 PM
output_log.txt (1020 KB) output_log.txt Anth12, 04/17/2019 12:33 PM
quicksave.sfs (3.76 MB) quicksave.sfs Anth12, 04/17/2019 12:34 PM
screenshot1.png (1.17 MB) screenshot1.png Anth12, 04/17/2019 12:43 PM
output_log.txt (1.71 MB) output_log.txt 123seven3, 04/18/2019 04:42 AM


#1 Updated by Anth12 4 months ago

I will note that its a save I haven't visited in a very long time,
it was my first main save that I did in KSP a few years ago before quitting it as it was science mode only, I went to career after that for 1.2

#2 Updated by 123seven3 4 months ago

I just had this issue. I played earlier this week (4/9/19) and did not encounter this issue. For me, this occurred on an old save as well, I apparently last played it sometime around January of 2018. Modless install.

I just lost control of everything except UI elements. I could right click the rocket, and make selections in that screen, but no keyboard inputs worked and I could not use the mouse to manipulate the camera in any way. Happened mid-return, and it would have been a textbook landing if I hadn't lost control of the ship. Once the ship crashed and I had to reset the single most perfect space tourism run I've ever performed, it became clear that the issue carried over to the main facility selection screen. I cannot pan the camera, and ( is what I'm seeing. I actually can't even bring up the pause menu with the button in the top right, nor can I select a building to enter, everything is completely locked.

I'm glad you seemed to figure out the cause of the issue, because I'm a lot more prone to simply assuming the bug was maliciously waiting until I was on descent and just before I was ready to pop chutes, illogical though that may be.

Respectfully ask this bug be changed to the highest priority. It makes the game completely unplayable when it occurs.

#3 Updated by LambdaPi 4 months ago

I too have experienced this problem twice in the past few days.

It also happened without he making history expansion with only the stock base game.

It locks you out of almost all ui controls while leaving some functional such as the the docking mode and maneuvering mode buttons. Keyboard input also seems to be gone.

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