Bug #20256

Lag spike when updating map view nodes

Added by DMagic over 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Basically any time the map view orbit nodes are changes or added there is a momentary spike in performance where the game appears to freeze for a moment. This is presumably more noticeable on less powerful machines.

This can be recreated by putting a vessel in orbit, then making a maneuver node, or targeting another vessel, or planet, or generating an encounter while editing a maneuver node. Anything that adds something like the closest encounter map node icons, or generates another orbit line like adding a maneuver node.

This behavior is not present in KSP 1.4.5.


#1 Updated by arnermd over 2 years ago

Whenever I am setting up a maneuver node there is really bad lag (2-3 seconds) when the maneuver detects an encounter. If there is no encounter detected, things projected trajectory changes are smooth, once the encounter is detected everything freezes for a few seconds and then jumps ahead, once the encounter is displayed things are smooth again until the encounter ends and another lag. This also occurs when I am executing the maneuver and my current trajectory detects an encounter. Very annoying when trying to plan and execute precise maneuvers!

- Career mode, mid game, was fine before upgrade to 1.5
- I do have one mod installed "For Science", that's it
- I started a fresh new career mode game and there was no lag with the new game, lag still present with the "in process" game.

#2 Updated by captainjenson over 2 years ago

I'm having this problem also - please advise.

#3 Updated by Azeroth over 2 years ago

I'm having this problem also

#4 Updated by chris.fulton about 2 years ago

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#5 Updated by chris.fulton about 2 years ago

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Performance has been improved up to 1.7. Setting this bug to RTT to have the reporter verify if this issue is still valid.

#6 Updated by [email protected] almost 2 years ago

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I certainly noticed the delays in map-view in version 1.6.1, and notice no delay at all in version 1.7.0

#7 Updated by chris.fulton almost 2 years ago

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