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Inflatable airlock shows black portrait...

Added by jclovis3 about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Inflatable airlock shows black portrait on kerbals when transferred into this part. Internal view (Accessed with C key, then V to toggle between kerbals) shows the inside to be lit up. Sent kerbal on EVA from the black portrait and boarded back into the inflatable air lock. Portrait was still black. Transferred kerbal into main pod and portrait was revealed.


#1 Updated by jclovis3 about 3 years ago

UPDATE (option not currently available in the status box): After having tested this one more time in space on a long arch going past Minmus, the portrait seemed to be working fine there. That happened only once. A repeated test launch to include on the launch pad, in upper atmosphere (65km), in space both in low and very high orbit (past Minmus) all seemed to continue showing black portrait. Something is coded to show the proper orange interior in a portrait at some point, but that portrait is not coming up most of the time with this ship (attached Test ship). I have tried with lights on or off.

I also attempted a quick save with a kerbal in the inflatable airlock, and reloaded with F9. The result was that the portrait of the airlock kerbal was missing entirely. This may be connected and similar to the other modified command module that had the door turned to the front. It once had a missing portrait for kerbals inside it after the 1.4.0 release (that bug seems to have been fixed in 1.4.1). Moving the kerbal into the pod and back into the airlock brings back the black portrait.

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Confirmed, also kerbals cant leave the airlock and if u load back into it then you cant even access the kerbal. Almost as if the kerbal is not there, and you loose functionality of the airlock

#4 Updated by jclovis3 about 3 years ago


I don't have a problem with Kerbals leaving the airlock via the EVA command in the black portrait window. Returning to the ship from a quick reload or from the tracking center causes the portrait to be gone, as I mentioned in the original report (and thus you can't EVA at this point), but you can still access the part to transfer the crew into another part and back to restore the black portrait and commence EVA if you want (assuming the airlock is still extended).

I was surprised however to find that the airlock is NOT a docking port. It doesn't connect to the standard Clamp-o-tron docking port, which is the closest in size. It would seem the airlock is merely an exit point for EVA. If we were able to attach parts to the airlock like we can the docking ports, it would make a great way to have a claw that reaches out to grab something and retracts back in, like when picking up parts from a planet surface.

I have created and attached another sand boxed test craft, this time with a separate drone you can detach and move around to the airlock to see that they don't connect. The save includes the parts used to get them into orbit before decoupling them. In the zip file is also a copy of the craft file in case you want to modify and relaunch. The detachable drone has a PB-NUK generator hidden inside the crew cabin.

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This has now been fixed.

#7 Updated by jclovis3 about 3 years ago

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I confirm that this bug has been fixed, but you still can't see the internal overlay (but that's a different bug report).

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