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Unlock Personal Parachutes with a Building Upgrade, not Kerbal Experience

Added by Zhetaan about 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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To quote a forum user:

Parachute availability would make more sense if tied to the level of the Astronaut Complex rather than Kerbal level. The idea that a new recruit won't get a parachute while their experienced cabin mate has one doesn't make sense.

Availability should be tied to improved suit technology, not the Kerbal's skill.

Given that we already have to upgrade in order to have EVA abilities (which can, with a little imagination, be taken as a form of suit upgrade from flight suits to vacuum suits), tying personal parachutes to a building upgrade also fits with the career progression that we already have.


#1 Updated by severedsolo about 3 years ago

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I'd personally like to see it as a top tier Astronaut Complex upgrade if you are going for "quite late game" progression. At the moment the top tiers are basically useless (except R&D) this would make upgrading the Astronaut Complex a bit more useful.

#2 Updated by MaltYebisu about 3 years ago

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How about making this a setting the player could set or even tweak in the difficulty settings menu?
The logical place to put these settings would be under the Advanced Settings tab in my opinion.

#3 Updated by EvilBroccoli about 3 years ago

Agree 100% the moment i heard about a level 3 kerbal can get a chute i was like... wut!? do you know how much experience does a lvl 3 kerbal needs???????

sounds like a decision from someone who doesnt play the game

#4 Updated by Zhetaan about 3 years ago

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Updating for version.

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Update for new version release.

#7 Updated by [email protected] almost 2 years ago

In version 1.6.0 the availability of parachutes changed.
The change-log says "Personal parachute kerbal unlock level requirement is accessible for modders in the traits.cfg file and the requirements have been updated to: 0xp for pilots, and 1 xp point [actual game behavior requires 1 star] for Engineers and Scientists."

#8 Updated by nestor over 1 year ago

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The behavior changed in 1.6.0, does that fix the original problem?

#9 Updated by [email protected] over 1 year ago

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No, the reasons given in the original report --about why the parachute skill is a strange fit to the rest of KSP-- are still just as true. The one-star requirement makes us put each Kerbal in orbit before he can parachute on his next mission, preventing the method Yuri Gagarin used to return by parachute from his first-ever manned orbit.

[Edit: I just noticed that pilots get chutes right away, at level 0, so a pilot can parachute back from their first orbit.
If the chutes ever get re-worked, maybe to work more like suits, linking them to a building upgrade is still a valid suggestion.]

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