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Keyboard map is wrong with Italian layout

Added by Alby128 over 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Version: 0.22.0351
System: Mac OS X 10.8.5 supp.
Keyboard layout: Italian

The key map in the software seems wrong. Default controls do not work and when I try to edit them I get wrong results. For example, the orbital map does not open if I press M key. When I tried to change the key to open the map, I found out that the game recognizes the M key as a Comma. Also, other keys like W, 1 and \ are mapped incorrectly. It seems that the layout that the game uses is QZERTY (like German keyboards) instead of the Italian layout, which is QWERTY with only some minor changes in the special keys.

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#1 Updated by Contez over 7 years ago

I can confirm this, but actually it seems a little more complex than that.
The keyboard layout seems to be wrong when keys are used for actions or in the mappings of them, yet when for example I'm writing the name of a ship key layout is correct.
The exemplify this: If I'm pressing W to make a kerbonaut walk it doesn't do anything (it actually sends the Z key), if I change the name of a rocket in the VAB to something with W it's written correctly.

Version: 0.22
System: OS X 10.9 (unable to test on a linux pc for a few days)
Keyboard layout: italian

#2 Updated by Contez over 7 years ago

Seems a more common problem the thought, here the discussion in the forum:
As one user there pointed out it KSP seems to revert automatically, in OSX case, to the language default (the user was french with a QWERTY keyboard and reverted to the AZERTY layout), and maybe the italian default is incorrectly registered as QZERTY rather than the correct QWERTY.

A developer input would be really really great at this point...

#3 Updated by ale_stanga about 6 years ago

i can confirm the the bug is still there; latest KSP demo, as of 09/05/2015 dd/mm/yyyy, on OS X 10.10.3.

#4 Updated by Alby128 about 6 years ago

ale_stanga wrote:

i can confirm the the bug is still there; latest KSP demo, as of 09/05/2015 dd/mm/yyyy, on OS X 10.10.3.

This bug makes this game completely unusable on non-English Mac OS X systems, I even uninstalled it after a few weeks, and yet they do not care at all. I have no words.

#5 Updated by ale_stanga about 6 years ago

it's a Unity 3D bug:
here is a possible solution:
please, fix it; it's really annoying.
it's not only the W and Z, it's also the M key.
we don't use QZERTY keyboards on Mac anymore. it's almost 15 years :)

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Localization will be part of a future release and keyboard layouts and language are part of that process. Thanks for the report

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