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[feature] Run part/mod .cfg files through UnityScript interpreter.

Added by Ruedii over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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As a replacement for Module manager, running the .cfg files through the UnityScript interpreter would allow much more flexibility on load.

This is probably the easiest option to improve flexibility of modding when mod developers are designing their mods to behave in certain manners when interacting with other mods.

It may be optimal to create a secondary interpreter script in UnityScript (implemented in a manner not unlike the CoffeeScript interpreter) to provide similar "shorthand" functionality to Module Manager, as well as providing lots of useful functions such as a series of prioritized delayed load passes. I personally would recommend using PHP syntax for shorthand, simply because most text editors support it in embedded Javascript files.

Additionally, this would allow direct loading of scriptlets into the engine from the part config files, something that could prove very useful in part design for both Stock and Mods.


#1 Updated by Hexicube about 4 years ago

What functionality is missing with ModuleManager that would be provided with such a feature?

It seems like you're asking for a replacement for something that already works very well. ModuleManager already allows for attaching modules onto other parts (or removing them), which lets a C# script do any required heavy lifting (usually not needed). Most mods play nice with other mods (in my experience), and ones that don't can almost always be fixed with ModuleManager based patches.

If anything, ModuleManager should be integrated into the base game, a lot of mods use it quite extensively (mostly for cross-mod compatibility) and it's useful for sharing part balance configs without editing the actual part files (such as doubling the ISP of all engines).

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