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10:18 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #1178: "Transparent" water on Kerbin
Haven't found yet.


10:20 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #1248 (Closed): Steering on the ship is "resisted" after re-docking to a ground vehicle
Load the .craft file;
Undock the rover and lander;
Move the rover away, then go back, beneath the lande...


03:18 AM Kerbal Space Program Feature #1244 (New): Able to hide the green mouse-over highlights of parts when making cinematic ...
It's good if we can hide the highlights. Integrate this function into F2?


09:01 PM Kerbal Space Program Feature #1224 (New): More realistic buoyancy (of ocean) and friction (of planet surface and parts)
It seems that the current buoyancy doesn't follow the priciple of buoyancy, and, a little TOO big; and the friction o...
02:40 AM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #1200: Action group assigments are lost when re-attaching parts using symmetry
Yes it's definitely a bug. I've noticed this before.


08:31 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #1208 (Closed): Mutiple positions of easter eggs are mistaken after terrain overhauls
A confirmed one is the SSTV hill on Duna, the hill itself is on the surface but the place to broadcast SSTV signal is...


10:17 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #1204: It's possible to delete stock ships from the Launch Pad and Runway
Yeah, It's possible.
04:06 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #1203 (Closed): The light of IVA changes during the change of controlling axis.


08:14 AM Kerbal Space Program Feature #1202 (New): Improvements on parachute physics
There's nearly no "physics" for patachutes now. What parachutes do is to suddenly "fully deploy" on 500m above the su...
08:01 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #1201 (Closed): Can't show the correct number of electric drain after multiple lights are act...
When many lights were on, the drain of electric charge for lights was very rapidly switching between the true value a...

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