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# Project Tracker Votes Priority Status Version Branch Platform Subject Assignee Updated % Done Target version
14598KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738WindowsDefault commanding part suggestion03/29/2017 10:02 AM

14594KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738WindowsChinese localization suggestion03/29/2017 09:52 AM

14579KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738OSX[ja]Jebediah's orange suit was robbed on Training03/28/2017 01:47 PM

14577KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738OSX[ja]Manufacturers Flag's thunbnails aren't translated.03/28/2017 12:04 PM

14571KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNeed More InfoKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738WindowsFloating non-moving object after reentry03/28/2017 03:46 PM

14567Kerbal Space ProgramSupport0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsWindows 10 taskbar visible in fullscreen mode03/28/2017 09:50 AM

14566Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsMain menu links disappear when switching fullscreen03/27/2017 04:02 PM

14565KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738LinuxMain menu warning about prerelease doesn't make menu buttons inactive like other overlays do03/27/2017 03:58 PM

14554KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Linux, OSX, WindowsTourist contract itineraries are inconsistent about intermediary objectives03/27/2017 12:04 AM

14551Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsKerbal Killed in Action despite Crew Respawn enabled03/29/2017 10:21 AM

14549KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOne[RU] KSPedia Part 2. Incorrect spelling, typos, etc.PaulAmsterdam03/29/2017 10:45 PM

14546Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - Not ApplicableWindowsDemo on Steam is still outdated03/26/2017 11:28 AM

14542KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Linux[EN] Tourist contracts with multiple tourists missing them: "keep alive and show a good time"03/26/2017 05:35 AM

14541KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Linux, OSX, WindowsGetting contract for surface outpost on Minmus before even landing on another body is a little awkward.03/26/2017 04:40 AM

14540KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Windows[ZH-CN]Wrong Language in description of Contract Cancel Button03/26/2017 04:15 AM

14539KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738LinuxApoapsis marker artifact on plane on switching out of map mode after activating navigation03/26/2017 01:21 AM

14537KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738LinuxCamera change on periapsis going into ground rotates several times around craft.03/26/2017 01:03 AM

14535KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738WindowsTech Tree node description needs a space between number and text ( 09:24 AM

14534KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738WindowsTech Tree node description needs a space between number and text ( 09:23 AM

14533KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Linux, OSX, WindowsPart test contracts feel very unrewarding03/26/2017 10:13 PM

14528KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Windows[ja]The display of the Mission Flag button of the direct-launch panel is disturbed03/25/2017 04:13 PM

14527KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738Windows[ja]Display of the reset button of the Kerbal-Create panel of the Debug Tools03/28/2017 02:13 PM

14525KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01738WindowsInitial deployment state of landing legs/gear is empty03/25/2017 10:30 AM

14523KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730Windows[zh-cn]Fairing cause parts broken&explosion03/25/2017 04:54 AM

14511KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730Windows[RU] Spelling of names, stylistics and abbreviations03/24/2017 10:24 AM

14510KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730Windows[RU] The proposal to change the text.03/24/2017 08:11 AM

14504KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsWeird fuel tank offset when attached to radial decoupler (1.2.9)03/27/2017 08:37 AM

14501KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsGreen "TimeWarping... T-NNs" Text - please move from center (1.2.9)03/27/2017 08:37 AM

14500KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0NormalNeed More InfoKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730WindowsInvisible (but clickable) main screen menu items (1.2.9)03/27/2017 09:25 AM

14499KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0HighNeed More InfoKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730WindowsUnable to end flight03/24/2017 04:09 PM

14494KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730Linux, OSX, Windows[EN] "Ferry ___ to destination" is awkward (and incorrect for multiple destinations)03/26/2017 05:28 AM

14475Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0HighNewKerbal Space Program - Not ApplicableLinux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneCreate a Support >FAQ< on Main KSP page distilled from bug tracker03/27/2017 09:43 AM

14467Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsGlowing white patch on flag decal spot of A.G.U. (claw) and Mk1-2 Command Pod03/22/2017 04:09 PM

14436KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730Windows[ja]Representation of vessel size of Engineer's Report on Editor03/21/2017 07:26 AM

14434KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730Windows[ja]Adjust character positions of mission control center, in build 173003/21/2017 07:01 AM

14406KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727Linux"PE" and "AP" text does not fade with markers03/27/2017 01:14 PM

14377Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, WindowsbulkheadProfile for 1.875m parts03/18/2017 10:10 PM

14367KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0Very LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727Windows[EN] Uppercase "The" in situation descriptionJPLRepo03/19/2017 05:41 AM

14353KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNeed More InfoKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727Windows[CN] Setting options not fully translated03/21/2017 01:42 AM

14348KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNeed More InfoKSP Pre-Release - Build 01730Windows[ES] untranslated strings03/30/2017 06:18 AM

14346KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback1LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727LinuxConsider translating one agency name per new locale03/21/2017 01:54 AM

14342KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0NormalNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727Windows[RU] Incorrect location of interface elements.03/20/2017 05:33 PM

14341KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNeed More InfoKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727OSXMissing text in KSPedia03/22/2017 11:44 AM

14340KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0NormalNeed More InfoKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727WindowsCrash during loading-Memory Access Violation03/21/2017 11:37 PM

14334KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0NormalNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727WindowsStrut & Fuel Line Problem #2Roy03/23/2017 12:27 AM

14328KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727Windows[CN]codes instead of texts in admin building03/17/2017 11:26 AM

14326KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727Windows〔ja〕Incorrect notation of the Japanese version of the pre-release version of Version 1.2.03/17/2017 11:48 AM

14324KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727Windows[CN]Text in the contract app in main KSC view have not been translated03/21/2017 02:55 AM

14322KSP Pre-ReleaseBug0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727WindowsExhaust plume renders behind fairings03/17/2017 10:32 PM

14318KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727WindowsSpacing of Resource Tab and Part Interaction looks wrong03/17/2017 08:44 AM

14317KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727LinuxCould the font include triangles for ascending and descending sort indicators?03/17/2017 07:58 AM

14314KSP Pre-ReleaseFeedback0LowNewKSP Pre-Release - Build 01727LinuxRequest a lowercase-"the" version of CelestialBody.displayNameJPLRepo03/22/2017 09:23 PM

14277Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsFive Parachutes Open Instead of Four Which Are Placed03/21/2017 10:45 AM

14217Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - XBoxOne - 1.1.0XBoxOneDoes not Start Game for Xbox One03/15/2017 10:43 AM

14208Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsCan't get science at the Astronaut complex03/29/2017 05:47 PM

14194Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsNavball doesn't follow the kerbal when on EVA03/12/2017 06:43 PM

14189Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxExtremely unstable FPS rate03/22/2017 11:02 AM

14181Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsChange Docked Asteroid Vessel Type to 'SpaceObj' causes control issues03/12/2017 03:36 AM

14105Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsLocation of Center of Mass when not defined in model03/21/2017 10:39 AM

14103Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsRovemate's kerbnet is not accurately showing anomaly direction / location03/10/2017 01:13 PM

14076Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Windowsmaneuver node misses planetary intercept03/15/2017 10:39 AM

14072Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsDisappearing craft after atmospheric decouple03/11/2017 07:19 PM

14047Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsShip experiences a constant acceleration after snapping03/07/2017 01:08 PM

14033Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneNew part to attach or property of fueltanks to drop liquid fuel & oxidizer03/06/2017 08:20 PM

14027Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - XBoxOne - 1.1.0XBoxOneQuicksave issue on xbox 103/22/2017 09:04 PM

14025Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxStuck blue buttons in part's action pane - workaround available03/04/2017 11:10 PM

14015Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsWith multiple joysticks, game does not correctly remember which buttons are assigned on which joystick03/04/2017 12:42 PM

13997Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsTimewarp over gilly takes way too long03/06/2017 08:09 PM

13987Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxGame settings, except for the input settings, reset to defaults between game launches03/22/2017 05:07 PM

13965Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2OSXIncorrect biomes on Eve and Tylo02/28/2017 09:55 AM

13937Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsIncorrect description on Controls-Map-and-Time on KSPedia02/25/2017 12:04 PM

13936Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsIncorrect description on Controls-Docking-Mode on KSPedia02/25/2017 11:55 AM

13935Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsIncorrect description on Controls-Mouse-in-Construction on KSPedia02/25/2017 11:41 AM

13934Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsIncorrect description on Controls-EVA on KSPedia02/25/2017 11:29 AM

13933Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsIncorrect description on Controls-RCS-and-Trim on KSPedia02/25/2017 10:21 AM

13928Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsSupplier name mistake description02/24/2017 04:58 PM

13924Kerbal Space ProgramBug0CriticalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsSave games get progressively more unstable causing game crashes03/04/2017 05:30 AM

13916Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsFlagship product of Sean's Cannery02/23/2017 08:40 AM

13915Kerbal Space ProgramBug0Very LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsExplanatory mistake of Big-S Elevon02/23/2017 08:25 AM

13877Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Windowsunintentional vessel switching in map view02/21/2017 12:36 AM

13854Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxThe Big Drill exploding on reentry when beyond a heatshield in 1.2.202/18/2017 05:26 PM

13834Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - Not ApplicableWindows#13830 continuation03/13/2017 12:58 PM

13832Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsSAS misalignment to target when controlling from radial docking port02/17/2017 10:31 AM

13830Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - Not ApplicableWindowstesting redmine upgrade02/16/2017 12:59 PM

13827Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2LinuxShips are loaded again and again02/14/2017 05:48 PM

13786Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0UnworthyNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsShould not be offered contracts to move own satellites02/12/2017 02:27 PM

13770Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsManeuver node disappears03/08/2017 03:56 PM

13767Kerbal Space ProgramBug0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsHigh crash tolerance ignored02/09/2017 06:47 PM

13757Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, WindowsModder request on CommNet.CommNetNetwork class02/09/2017 01:36 PM

13751Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsNew MK1 Cockpit Transforms into Old MK1 cockpit02/05/2017 09:13 PM

13750Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0HighNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsMake the EditorOnly tag work in KSP02/05/2017 06:15 PM

13745Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Windowsbuttons showing up on spacecenter screen when not supposed to02/04/2017 04:13 AM

13722Kerbal Space ProgramBug0HighNeed More InfoKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsKerbnet not using relays03/20/2017 03:38 PM

13714Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsAstronauts Lose Abilities and Levels when they Go MIA in Career Mode01/31/2017 01:59 AM

13712Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneOrbit.h parameter is calculated wrongly for celestial bodies01/30/2017 02:50 PM

13711Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2Linux, OSX, PS4, Windows, XBoxOneManeuverNode.OnGizmoUpdated throws an exception01/30/2017 01:24 PM

13709Kerbal Space ProgramFeedback0LowNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsSuggestion for future patch01/29/2017 06:53 PM

13707Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2OSXPhantom Debris on screen01/29/2017 08:48 AM

13705Kerbal Space ProgramBug0CriticalNewKerbal Space Program - XBoxOne - 1.1.0XBoxOneQuick load is blank on Xbox one. cannot quickload/save :(01/28/2017 03:31 AM

13702Kerbal Space ProgramBug0NormalNewKerbal Space Program - 1.2.2WindowsKSP loading01/31/2017 03:38 PM

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