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05:44 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23367 (New): Stacked cargo bays only shield small contents
A stack of two short cargo bays successfully shields parts that straddle the bays (parts whose centers lie within at ...
05:36 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #22685 (Not Fixed): Menu strings displaying as #autoloc
05:35 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #22685: Menu strings displaying as #autoloc
No change since 1.7.2
KSP without the BreakingGround mod is still showing the old #autoLOC_8320010 and #autoLOC_8003...


07:55 AM Kerbal Space Program Feedback #23330 (New): Reduce the offsets in forces on Propeller Blades
The aerodynamic forces on propeller blades seem to be calculated using the relative airspeeds at points beyond the ti...
07:11 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23271 (Confirmed): Propellers don't work in water
I can confirm with the savefile attached above. Using alt-F12 to enable aerodynamics information in the right-click ...
06:55 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23299 (Confirmed): OX-STAT Photovoltaic cells blocked by aero sheilding when on Probodyne OKTO with SM-6A Service Module below it.
I can easily confirm. The problem occurs when we choose 'Shroud: off' in the VAB.
When I use 4 solar panels in sy...
06:28 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23290: Helicopter rotor blades behave erratically on Eve
I can confirm the strange reversal of lift, using the mission file attached earlier.
You can see the lift change sig...
06:18 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23312 (Confirmed): Fairings Do Not Shield Prop Blades from Airstream
Confirming, with an example attached, where the prop can propel the aircraft, despite being enclosed in a fairing.


03:31 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23244 (New): helicopter blades respond backwards to roll
Helicopter blades have pitch/yaw/roll response on by default.The pitch and yaw responses are the same as those of con...


05:36 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #23181: Pistons doesn't consume electricity.
Touching the 'Traverse rate' control restores proper behavior, as a workaround.

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