Tracker Categories

Some advice and examples on what to aim for when logging to categories. Dont stress if you aren't exactly sure - just go for the closest approximation and we can work together to get it right

Category Description/Examples
Action Groups Issues relating to Action Groups - Config, Activating, etc
Aerodynamics All things Aero - Drag, Lift
App Launcher The in game App toolbar and applications
Application Global Application Issues - Startup, Closing
Audio Sound levels, missing audio, sound effect issues - Engine Noise, Explosions, etc
Balance How the game balances for a player
Biomes Science Biomes and related issues
Bug Tracker1 Issues with the BugTracker - there is a private Tracker for this that the public issues can be duped to
Buildings All Building including Runway, Launchpad, etc
Camera Camera modes not tracking properly, getting stuck in weird positions
Contracts Contract parameters, rewards, behaviour and everything in between
Controls All things to do with Controlling the vessel
Crew Management Kerbal loadout, Moving Crew
Debug Tools All things Debug related
Docking Issues related to when two vessels become one, or one vessel becomes 2 (note: not through random explosion)
Editor Reports relating to the build scenes
EVA When Kerbals Escape
File System Folder/File issue and permissions
Flags Flags on Games, Missions, Flagpoles, Parts and Kerbals
Gameplay You know Gameplay - how much Fun is it
Graphics Texturing, Scaling, Pixelation, shadow acne, Engine Smoke, Engine Flame, Explosions, etc
Input Devices All things related to Joysticks, 6DOF devices and related items
IVA Internal views in game
Kerbal Experience The Experience system that tracks Kerbal achievements and grants them star ratings
Kerbals Models, Crew Camera's
Launcher The Game Launcher that runs outside of KSP
Parts All things related to Specific Parts
Physics The affects of physics on other bodies in the game
Planets Issues affetcing specific planets - orbits, location, rotation...
Plugins/Add-Ons All things relating to game additions - both SQuad and Mod community
Research & Development R&D scenario and associated assets
Resources Mining, scanning and conversion
Scenarios Precanned game scenarios
Science Generating and Consuming Science
Settings The setting, using and behaviour of game settings
Spelling/Grammar Use this for logging text and language issues
Strategies Issues related to the Strategies available through the Admin building
Tech Tree Layout, part placement, costs and other Tech Tree related items in the R&D Building
Terrain Ground Models, Gaps in planets, Ground Scatter, Easter Eggs and all such good stuff
Tutorials Playthrough
UI The interface on screen, text boxes, checkboxes, etc

1 Use this category along with "Not Applicable" version and the staff will process the issue.