Bug #20423

Updated by Yakuzi about 1 year ago

In stock KSP -v1.5.1.2335(x64)-, -, -v1.7.0.2483(x64)-, -v1.8.0.2686(x64)-, v1.7.0.2483(x64), Mk2 fuselages (RO, LF, mono) that have asymmetrical textures across the transverse plane display buggy/inconsistent/unexpected behavior when rotating. This bug/design flaw only affects Mk2 parts that were "fixed" with the "real mirroring" attachment rules solution implemented in KSP v1.1.x and does not appear to affect the "unfixed" Mk2 parts, e.g. the crew cabin (as displayed in the first image), or Mk3 parts. There is no in-game workaround.

*Steps for Reproduction*: The textures appear to flip to the "top" of the part as soon as they are rotated past 90 degrees around the longitudinal or lateral axis in the VAB/SPH:





*Fix*: Change the following lines in the Mk2 fuel tank .cfg files in the GameData/Squad/Parts/Mk2FuselageLong and Short:
* Remove line: mirrorRefAxis = 0, 0, -1
* Change node_attach line to: node_attach = 1.25, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1

This will revert the attachment rules to pre KSP 1.1.x conditions. Since *it has been well over -1-, -2-, 3 2 years since this bug/design flaw was introduced*, please revert or introduce a new solution that will *finally fix this issue*. I look forward to seeing this solution implemented in the upcoming -(and (and very appropriate) graphic overhaul- overhaul version -1.6-, -1.7-, -1.8-, -1.9- lucky version 1.10? 1.8?

Relevant forum post (the post addressing this issue predating this one appears to have been deleted from the forum, any idea why?):