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# Project Tracker Priority Status Version Platform Subject Assignee Updated % Done Target version
440Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureUnworthyNewKerbal Space Program - 0.19Win32Rover wheels: partial energy usage when one of motor or steering are disabled07/27/2015 06:04 PM

435Kerbal Space ProgramBugNormalUpdatedKerbal Space Program - 0.19LinuxUnable to map non-English keys07/19/2016 11:35 PM

431Kerbal Space ProgramFeaturePettyNewKerbal Space Program - 0.19Ability to view and change the key bindings while in game03/17/2013 08:02 PM

425Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureVery LowNewKerbal Space Program - 0.19Win32Add an Action to Toggle, Enable, and Disable Flow in a Fuel Line07/23/2016 09:21 PM

421Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureVery LowNewKerbal Space Program - 0.19Add Action Groups for Leaving and Entering an Atmosphere03/04/2017 08:30 PM

420Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureVery LowNewKerbal Space Program - 0.19Add Action Group for Liftoff03/17/2013 05:42 AM

404Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureVery LowNewKerbal Space Program - 0.18.4Docking port magnetism refresh03/16/2013 05:42 PM

371Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureLowNewDocking unnecessarily difficult: prevent ASAS from using RCS, or RCS translation controls should still work when RCS disabled03/13/2013 07:43 AM

354Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureNormalNewFlex Fuel Line or Hose in EVA for resource transfer10/27/2013 07:38 AM

343Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureVery LowNewTracking Station - Flights in Progress sort order04/28/2015 02:19 AM

335Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureNormalNewTime Delay for Action Groups/staging (and execute after separation)03/09/2013 02:45 PM

322Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureNormalNewLockable/Rigid Docking Collars03/30/2013 07:16 PM

321Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureLowNewOn Command Docking for docking ports on composite vessels03/09/2013 03:20 AM

320Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureLowNewRotation of Docking Ports04/28/2015 02:17 AM

319Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureLowNewReference Point for RAAN03/09/2013 03:04 AM

318Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureLowNewLat/Long Grid Overlay in Map Mode03/09/2013 02:45 AM

296Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureLowNewKerbal Space Program - 0.18.4Win32VAB/SPH engineering readouts07/27/2015 06:04 PM

295Kerbal Space ProgramFeatureLowNewIn flight Rotation/pan controls for lights/cams03/06/2013 02:33 PM

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