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Contract checklist should disappear right away from checklist tab when completion message discarded

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Currently, when I complete a contract in the Flight scene, the message comes up, and I discard it, but the checklist remains on the checklist tab of the toolbar until I change scene or craft. I think they should be made to go away as soon as the contract completion message is discarded; I have a tendency to do several contracts with one flight. (I tend to roll out a command pod with a goo can as my first "launch" and grab enough science to unlock Tier 1, then my first actual launch does all the World's First Records except for 2500m/s speed. After inserting a craft into orbit around a body, I'll head to Mission Control to grab every survey contract I can for that body and do them all at once. I also have a tendency to send large passenger craft on multi-body tours to complete several tourism contracts in one flight.)

I also think there should be a way to call up the agency resource information on an uncompleted contract from the Flight scene, Tracking Center scene, and especially the Editor (where comparing craft cost to reward funds can be very handy.) Agency resources like Funds, Science, and Reputation rewards for completion and penalties for failure.

A simple nitpick is I'd like to be able to resize the contracts tab on the toolbar to make it easier to read a long list.

A final note that probably makes these features more important to me than the average player is that I'm modding on a weak system and often have memory-out crashes when returning to the Space Center from the Flight scene. I therefore try to stay in the Flight scene for as long as possible once I'm there.


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