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Apoapsis showing outside of SOI

Added by SilentSammy 19 days ago. Updated 12 minutes ago.

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When on an escape trajectory from a celestial body such as Mun, sometimes the Apoeapsis shows even when it's clearly way past the sphere of influence of that body.

As seen on the attached image, the spacecraft's apoapsis around Mun is showing an impossibly high altitude, at 19 000 km.

This issue doesn't go away when switching to the tracking station and back.

Finally, I suspect it might have something to do with the Tracking station being at level 1.


#1 Updated by Deepspeed 19 days ago

This could be your tracking station, but I also see this sometimes even with all buildings leveled up to max.

Also, I see this kind of weirdness often in maps. For instance, If I'm controlling a craft in Low Kerbin Orbit and I look at my map and see an asteroid making a fly-by of Kerbin, I often see that asteroid's path as an orbit with a huge apoapsis, not as an encounter with an escape coming up. This seems to happen only when the asteroid is inside Kerbin's SOI.

However, if I target that asteroid, I think I see the correct track with the encounter/escape markers showing up as normal.

I also get this kind of oddness in orbits on the map with ships when making transfers between bodies sometimes.

#2 Updated by Deepspeed 19 days ago

To clarify, this never happens with the ship I'm commanding, only with other objects I observe in the map screen, just as it happened in your pic, and always seems to happen when the object is on a track to transfer between SOI's.

#3 Updated by jclovis3 13 days ago

Yes, this has been an issue for quite a long time now. Only when the craft is viewed from a map while not being the target does it show the incorrect orbit. If you select it from the tracking station, you'll see the correct orbit. Same if you were to target that vessel. I've known this to be the case for many years now so I don't know what version it first started.

#4 Updated by ElectroLlama 12 minutes ago

This is typical, intended behavior of Tracking Station Level 1 in Career Mode. Level 2 unlocks “Patched Conics”, which allows you to see when you’re entering or exiting a body’s sphere of influence.

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