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Parts explode during EVA construction on a surface if the Kerbals trips.

Added by Deepspeed 19 days ago.

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KSP 1.11.2, Win-64, All DLC, updated over time.

When working on my Minmus mining base, I've had several issues with batteries, etc just flying away at high speeds and exploding upon being clicked while I'm working with them in EVA construction. These are often inexplicable and funny, but there are a few patterns here as well.

The most obvious is when a Kerbal falls. If I jetpack up about 10m to the top of a ship on Minmus to remove, say, a solar panel, and then let gravity pull me back to the surface (because I can't use the jetpack once grabbing a part), the landing, which is just hard enough to make the Kerbal stumble and fall down upon landing, causes the part, which is falling with the Kerbal, to leave the Kerbal's grip and to smash into the surface and explode as soon as the Kerebal hits the ground and falls down. We're talking about impacts of like 2m/s on Minmus, not heavy landings of the sort which explode things. The Kerbal could jump higher than I went with the Jetpack. Parts should reasonably fall down or roll away if dropped, but not just explode if the Kerbal falls down and loses grip on them.

Note, I can drop parts while standing on the ground and they do simply fall down with no problems. It's when the Kerbal accidentally drops them after a fall that causes these explosions for me.

This issue should also be checked when attempting other Kerbal EVA actions/animated events, such as grabbing ladders, EVA science, planting flags, or getting into those little external chairs. I haven't tried it, but it may cause similar results if done while holding a part in construction mode.

Also, separate but related issue, why not implement translation-only jetpack usage while manipulating parts in EVA through the "HNIJKL" keys. This allows the normal build keys to be used for rotating parts, etc, but still allows a Kerbal to move along a large space station or fly up to the top of a Minmus base to place something instead of having to find a frustrating work-around by moving a dozen parts 15m at a time until you get there or 5 minutes of slowly walking 300m between a lander and a base to transport a single fuel drain valve. Most of my frustrations with this entire EVA construction process have appeared while working around this limitation. Having to move things the tedious, annoying way is what leads me to stumble upon so many bugs with it. Make it easier to move around during construction and the other bugs won't appear so often.

Lastly, your bug tracker has no Version option for 1.11.2, so I'm filing my reports under .1 and listing the proper version in the post.

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