Bug #27457

Aerospike engine flames appear in the wrong place.

Added by Deepspeed 19 days ago. Updated 18 days ago.

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KSP 1.11.2, all DLC, updated over time, Win-64.

I recently started using aerospike engines on a few of my craft and have been annoyed at the visuals of the flames coming out of the back of the engine every time I use it. The aerospike engines have a small exhaust nozzle which should create a flame about 1 foot "under" the engine's exhaust outlet when it is in use, but the flame in the game actually appears more like 2ft "above" the exhaust nozzle, making it look like the nozzle is not the source of the flame, as if the flames were coming from a wider bell-shaped nozzle which was placed "higher" up.

Doesn't effect gameplay at all, but it does annoy me every time I see it because it's such an obvious detail which defies even the most basic understandings of physics.


#1 Updated by [email protected] 19 days ago

There is a line in the configuration file, ready to place the plume correctly, but it is still at its default of 0. It looks like someone was interrupted just before placing the plume. That makes it easy to fix, though. I would guess a 0.4-meter shift is correct, but I haven't seen many real toroidal engines.

People using Module Manager can make the change with the following

@PART[toroidalAerospike] {
  @MODULE[ModuleEngines] {
    @fxOffset = 0, 0, 0.4
} }

I think the plume has always been placed inside the nozzle. There is also bug #27233 on the size of the plume, which might affect the current appearance of the aerospike. (I can barely notice #27233)

#2 Updated by Deepspeed 18 days ago

I didn't realize the smaller plumes was a real thing. I thought it was just my imagination since I started playing again recently. I have noticed smaller plumes on some engines, but it doesn't hurt the immersion for me much, just makes me question my throttle settings occasionally. However, the aerospike has a nice, large plume, but is simply in the wrong place.

I'll try that config change because the old linux dev in me can't say no to digging through configs, but this one is not so much a matter of "omg plz fix now", more like "Hey, just letting you know". :P

Thanks for the info.

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