Bug #27252

"Build a new outpost" mission fails if pilot EVAs outside SOI of Kerbin

Added by MOH 3 months ago.

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Accept mission to build a new surface outpost on the Mun. Requirements:
a. antenna, docking port, power generation. Must be full assembled when launched
b. Have a facility supporting at least five kerbals
c. Have a pilot on the outpost
d. Maintain stability for ten seconds
e. Land your outpost on the Mun
Includes NOTE: This must be a new outpost built for xxxx after the contract is accepted.

2. Accept similar mission to build an outpost in orbit of Minmus. Similar criteria, except c) requires "Have over 2000 units of liquid fuel in your station" instead of "Have a pilot on the outpost" and e) is orbit instead of land

3. Build a station meeting the Mun outpost requirements. Requirements a) through c) ticked at launch. Requirements a) and b) also ticked for the Minmus mission.

4. Launch and transition towards Mun. Along the way, EVA and perform EVA science, transmitting the data back home after boarding. Mission requirements remain unaffected.

5. After entering the Mun SOI, perform an EVA. Requirements a) and b) are instantly unticked for both the Mun and Minmus mission. Oddly, c) remains ticked even after moving away from the craft. The NOTE is added again to both missions. Re-boarding the craft ticks b) again, but a) is unticked and the NOTE remains in place.
This happens regardless of whether the EVA is perform in high space, low space, or even after landing while awaiting the "maintain stability" timer.

It appears that the pilot leaving the ship outside of Kerbin SOI causes the "this is a new craft" criteria to fail.
(I'd initially thought it was an EVA within the target SOI that was causing the issue until I realised the Minmus mission had also failed, which is why I believe it's actually an EVA outside Kerbin SOI that's the cause).

Cancelling either mission before performing the final EVA doesn't make a difference, the remaining mission still fails the first criteria and re-generates the Note as soon as the EVA button is clicked.

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