Bug #27008

Color that surrounds part when hovering mouse over it fills screen.

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Happens in both hangars and during game. Can be green, blue or whatever color the "haze" is at that moment with the tool in use.
Steps to Replicate:
1. go to any building hangar
2. add first part
3. hover mouse over part

Expected: normal haze over part

Result/Observed: color haze keeps expanding till it fills the screen.

Fixes/Workarounds: same happens if you "launch" the craft. doesn't happen while the craft is moving. screen goes back to normal when you tap M. but tap it again, hover the mouse (with the craft not under acceleration) and same thing happens

Notes: Installed the game from steam. Installed the mod KSP Interstellar Extended. played the game for 3 hours without problems. turned off the game and the computer. came back and the bug happened. Unistalled the mod, tried again. Uninstalled the game and deleted everything, even saves and the steam folder. Re installed (without the mod), keeps happening. did the uninstalling-installing thing multiple times, keeps happening.
this is the bug in question


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Solved: Kinda...
the solution seems sketchy, but works.
to "solve" it, i went to my intel graphics program and took down evey relationship with the game.
then tried the game, the game crashed, some unity thingy popped up. looked it up on different forums, the solution to that unity crash some people gave was to add -force-d3d12 on a shorcut created from the .exe. after that, IF and only IF launched from said shorcut, everything works. I hope this helps somebody.
Also, i don't know how to change it to "solved", sorry about that

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I am so sorry about the inconvenience. I was trying to reproduce this, but could not on my end. Not saying it didn't happen, most likely just a difference in machines... it's happened before.
I'm really glad you have a workaround. but please leave this, and do not mark it fixed. If it happens again to someone else we'll still need to pin it down and follow it up.
Thank you

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