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Some suggestions of changes to the new EVA construction mode

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I'm building a space station using mostly the EVA construction mode, and while it does provide a lot of freedom to build things in a way we couldn't before, it has some limitations which I think would make the EVA construction even better if they wouldn't exist.

One problem I've been facing is with the angle of the pieces. Everything you place has a default angle, which I assume is 0. So if you place something, rotate the ship, then try to place something else, there will be misalignments between the pieces (see image 1). Of course you can correct it by adjusting the angle of the piece, but you can see it would be annoying as you would have to adjust the angle of every piece you place after rotating the ship. Another work around is rotating the ship to the first position, which would take sometimes and you would have to do it again every time after you make a maneuver or dock a ship, or sometimes your own engineer pushes the ship and messes the angle. 
My suggestion would be to set the default angle of the pieces either to the piece root piece it is being placed, or to the rotation of the ship.
The second limitation I see is some kind of build distance limit. When close to the center of the ship you are able to place parts using the auto-placing points (those green balls, see image 2), but once you are at a certain distance you are not able to (see image 3).
My suggestion is obviously that I would like this range to be increased. How am I to build a Dyson Sphere with only 80 meters to work around?

Enough of criticizing, I've been having a lot of fun with the last update and would like to thank all the devs for this wonderful game, which just joined my list of favorite games. I just hope they really read these feedback posts.

20201229111117_1.jpg (285 KB) 20201229111117_1.jpg Image 1. The misaligned segments [email protected], 12/29/2020 02:12 PM
20201229112336_1.jpg (193 KB) 20201229112336_1.jpg Image 3. As I'm farther from the center, I can't place the panel in the green point [email protected], 12/29/2020 02:25 PM
20201229112400_1.jpg (225 KB) 20201229112400_1.jpg Image 2. Closer to the building range I can use the green points to place the panel. [email protected], 12/29/2020 02:25 PM

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