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Point actions not activated when controller assigned to axis group

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When a KAL-1000 Controller Play Position is assigned to an axis group, point actions (the points on dashed lines) never happen in both absolute and incremental modes. The documentation also does not mention this and it is unexpected. The most obvious behavior would be for each point passed to be activated, although just activating each point actually reached (i.e. middle and ends in absolute mode) would still be helpful in absolute mode, which is most useful for most axis groups. If neither of these options is implemented, adding a note explaining this behavior to the axis groups page would be helpful (I suppose with a name like KAL-1000 it might be considered self explanatory that it doesn't always do what you want :/).

What I am trying to do in particular is to implement translation with ant and spider engines plus the main engine at very low throttle for forward. However, the controller only affects engines with independent throttle, so I added "toggle independent throttle" of the main engine to the Forward/Backward controller with a point in the middle and a point on the Forward side. However, no toggle ever happens. Pushing play on the controller does cause it to toggle, so it is not a mistake in setting up the controller. It works fine if the engine is switched to independent throttle manually or by action group.

Another potential way to make it work automatically would be to have the engine always be independent and added to the Main Throttle axis group. If directly added, the "throttle" field of the controller becomes independent from the thrust and the thrust follows the main throttle while the throttle follows the forward/backward controller setting (i.e. zero normally or the small value (but no actual thrust) when the forward key is down).

If the main engine throttle is added to another controller and that controller added to the Main Throttle axis group then each controller affecting the main engine has only half the effect (so full throttle via the main throttle is actually only 50%). This is the issue mentioned in Feedback #23124.

While not directly related to this issue, related to implementing translation with engines and axis groups is Feedback #22946 that SAS does not use the pitch and yaw axis groups.


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  • Version changed from 1.10.0 to 1.10.1

#2 Updated by abc 3 months ago

Yeah, I'm not seeing the direction reverse but I'm guessing you figured out that play shouldn't be used with absolute control and this bug is why the lights aren't working. If you can confirm that the lights are added to the controller (since I don't see that in the video) maybe set this bug's status to confirmed and hopefully that might help them see it.

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