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Sentinel contract specifies orbit outside target planets orbit

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I have been asked to accomplish a Sentinel mission

After I build my craft, I sent it to the designed Orbit and accomplish this part

After I turn ON the Sentinel tracker, I wait until it dectects objects.
But, when I get back to the tracking center or to another craft, my mission menu stipulates that the craft is not in the designed orbit

Therefore, I'm forced to fly my sentinel craft for it to be able to detect objets. But even after 3 Kerbin years, it still doesn't detect any object.

Impossible de finaliser une mission Sentinelle.
Après l'envoi de mon véhicule sur l'orbite désignée les indicateur d'orbite passent au vert. Je suis donc bien positionné.
J'active le suivi de mon satellite Sentinelle et le laisse faire son travail. L'ordre de mission m'indiquant que cela se fera automatiquement avec le temps.
Mais dès que je passe sur un autre véhicule ou dans la station de contrôle, les indicateurs m'indique qu'aucun véhicule n'est présent sur l'orbite. Suis-je obligé de rester dans le véhicule sentinel pour qu'il fasse son travail ?
J'ai essayé, mais même en restant 3 années autour de l'orbite designée, mon satellite n'a rien détecté

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The problem with these contracts is that the requested orbit is outside Kerbin's orbit. (Requested AP is > 18 Gm, Kerbins orbit is ca. 13.5 Gm) In that orbit the Sentinel cannot detect asteroids around Kerbin. So the contract as it is cannot be fulfilled!

The same problem was also discussed in this forum thread:

And I just got offered a contract to find asteroids around Kerbin on an orbit that is just outside Kerbin's orbit.

I run: KSP Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) MH 1.8.1 BG 1.3.1 (Via Steam)

#2 Updated by Kirk 3 months ago

Yeah, I noticed this too.

The funny thing is that the Sentinel mission was added through an official mod which was wrapped into the game at a later date, which was created in cooperation with NASA for #AsteroidDay, mimicking a proposed Sentinel(?) mission whereby a spacecraft would be sent to a solar orbit near Venus so it could detect asteroids coming in from places we have trouble checking from Earth!

#3 Updated by Kirk 3 months ago

Mine finished just yesterday despite no green checkmarks, so I guess it's doing something in the background. Sometimes messages pop up on the screen, but they are not saved to the messages app.

#4 Updated by raptor9_ksp about 1 month ago

I just started a new career in 1.8.1 this past week. I received a contract to place a Sentinel in solar orbit and scan for Class C asteroids threatening Kerbin. When I went to map view to plot the escape maneuver from low Kerbin orbit, the target orbit was just beyond Kerbin's orbit around Kerbol, between Kerbin and Duna. When the Sentinel satellite arrived at the target orbit, the orbital parameters checked green, but the message on screen after I turned the sensor on said "Scanning for asteroids near Duna's orbit."

Attaching my career save's persistent file and loadmeta file.

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