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Mission Control and KerbalComp Navigation

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Suggest that Maneuver nodes are tied to the command module - exiting (EVA) the module should not clear maneuver nodes.

As a gameplay suggestion, Manuevers are planned by mission control and executed by the Kerbal piloting the vehicle, tie manuever nodes to a flight (in the flight center) - limit Maneuvers to one (1) initially, then have an add-on or upgraded command module that permits auto-execution of one or more maneuvers (requires SAS and/or RCS enabled to align to manuever prograde target) - limiting factor is the number of upgrades (max 3?) and storage/electric charge available. This opens up the possibility of upgrading mission control/mission computers to permit multiple planned trajectories/multiple flights?

Possibly allowing for automatic insertion to orbit for a given craft configuration once a specific orbit (give/take a few hundred meters) has been attained (goal oriented play)


#1 Updated by majic79 about 7 years ago

By orbit insertion, I mean launch to orbit....

#2 Updated by TruePikachu about 7 years ago

The idea of tieing nodes to command modules might run into issues when multiple command pods are linked together (either docked or built that way). First there would need to be a way to determine which one to be utilized for nodes.

Autopilot functionality excluding SAS/ASAS has already been confirmed to NOT be any sort of priority for the team. I presume this is related to the broken base which MechJeb had ended up creating, but it might also be related to how difficult it is to tune autopilots.

I would like to second the request (prerequesiting the nodes with command pods issue) for maneuver nodes to be plannable from the tracking station. It would give the estimated (this isn't accounting for lost fuel mass) delta-v for the maneuver, and possibly include some of the functions that the MechJeb node planner has.

The main issue with a mission control/remote pilot setup is that the craft physics aren't loaded unless you are close enough to the craft (and not loaded at all if you are in the tracking station). Because of how the game works, the physics would need to be loaded in order to alter trajectories, and would need to be continuously loaded in air pressures exceeding 0.01ATM. The only workaround I can think of is MechJeb, which as I said, had created a broken base. While I personally use it, I can't make the decision for you. In any case, you would need to be local to the ship (though you could sit in map view all day, I tend to do that myself).

#3 Updated by majic79 about 7 years ago

I'm a little new to the game, but it appears there's one controlling command pod for a ship, the second command pod wouldn't (in the scenario I envisage) have it's own flight plan, until detachment from the main ship, and even if it didn't detach, the main ship command pod would still remain in control (owner of the flight/manuever node queue)

I think there will be a way of doing it, planning maneuver nodes from the ground would be a great boon to the exploration process, but only really possible if you go from a known flight path, or from a known attainable orbit (which may or may not require some sort of autopilot)

Admittedly, once you understand the basics of getting into orbit and getting it reasonably circular, I suppose you could sit there all day and plan maneuvers, but for a long and complex (e.g. voyager style gravity assist trajectory through the solar system) some advance planning and ability to save would be nice

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