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Parts menu bug that locks up building

Added by AlveKatt over 7 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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When selecting certain parts some parts bocome selected which effectively blocks you from moving any part in the build area until you have found the magical part that unlocks the menu. While blocked, you can click parts and they will appear in the build area, but you can't move them.

Screenshot-5.png (1.58 MB) Screenshot-5.png [email protected] AlveKatt, 12/13/2013 06:29 PM


#1 Updated by AlveKatt over 7 years ago

Also, on Linux Mint Maya, 64 bit. The issue persits in both 64 bit and 32 bit versions.

#2 Updated by Ted over 7 years ago

Is this not just the root part selection? Does it happen when there is already a root part in the editor?

#3 Updated by AlveKatt over 7 years ago

It might be the root part thing. But, I don't think it's a good thing that you can't choose yourself in what order you build, that you have to attach things in the order of capsule first and then build on that. If I make a space shuttle, I really want to be able to to build the booster first, and be able to save a full craft, with cockpit, as a subassembly that I can get to in both space plane hangar and rocket hangar. I want to be able remove sections and build on them even when they aren't attached to the pod/cockpit.

Maybe this isn't a bug as much as it is a poor design choise.

#4 Updated by Ted over 7 years ago

You can in fact choose the booster first. Simply select the Fuel/Engine tab and go from there.
To be able to be selected as a root part, the part must be able to have other parts radially attached to it, however.

#5 Updated by Ted over 7 years ago

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Lowering priority and changing to feedback as it's not confirmed that this is beyond expected behaviour.

#6 Updated by TriggerAu almost 5 years ago

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