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Music still playing even when volume is 0% via in-game settings.

Added by raptor9_ksp about 3 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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The music still plays when volume is set to 0% via the in-game options menu.

To reproduce, set the music volume to audible levels in the Main Menu settings screen. Enter a save game, place a pod on the launch pad and Alt-F12 it to orbit. Press Esc and select Settings. Change the Music audio slider to 0%, and leave the settings menu back to flight scene. Music will start playing again.

This was discovered after launching a rocket and flying it to orbit. After leaving the launchpad, I decided to play some music in my headphones, so I entered the Esc settings menu from the Flight Scene to reduce music slider to 0%. After entering space above 70km, KSP in-game music started playing again. Therefore I know this occurs whether you actually fly into space, or if you Alt-F12 to space.

A follow-on test to reproduce with negative results: I went back to the Main Menu settings screen and put the music at 0%. I re-entered my save-game, put a Mk1 pod on the launchpad, Alt-F12 to orbit, and no KSP in-game music was playing.

CONCLUSION: The Main Menu>Settings music audio slider appears to take precedence over the in-game Settings (via Esc). If you previously had the KSP in-game music set in the main menu, and then try to turn it off while in a save-game, it won't work and the main menu audio setting will be reverted to after exiting the in-game settings menu.


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I just noticed this as well. This was the first time I tried to turn the volume of just the music down to 0 because I wanted to listen to my own music in the background. In my case, I was floating in orbit and when setting the sound to 0 in game, it seemed to quiet down but only because the file started over. As it got about 10 to 15 seconds in you could here the volume pick up.

When I went to the main start up settings window, the music volume was already set to 0 there, so I just moved it up and back down to 0, then applied it to fix. The in game settings do work if you increase the volume above, but not below the main settings value.

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The music setting should update properly when it's set to 0% in the settings. The settings were previously not being properly applied until reloading to a different area. Please recheck this in 1.5.0

#3 Updated by raptor9_ksp over 2 years ago

This bug is no longer present in 1.5.x or 1.6. This can be closed please.

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