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Right mouse button will not bind or allow camera opperation while streaming

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Subject Camera is inoperable via right mouse button

Description While utilizing the cloud streaming client liquid sky, I am unable utilize the right mouse button to manipulate the game camera or bind the right mouse button to the camera within game settings.

Steps to Replicate
1) open KSP within a local, cloud, or broadcast streaming client (e.g. liquid sky, twitch, etc...)
2) try to manipulate the game camera with the right mouse button
3) try to bind the right mouse button in the settings menu

Expected manipulate or bind the camera to the right mouse button

Work around utilize the keyboard to manipulate the camera

Notes I have only experienced this issue with the liquid sky cloud game streaming client. However, I have read that other users have similar issues when utilizing local game streaming clients (e.g. computer to TV, Computer to Computer, computer to steamlink, etc...)


#1 Updated by mhvis over 1 year ago

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I can confirm this issue with a different game streaming service, in this case Parsec Paperspace cloud gaming ( The cloud machine that I am using with this service has the following setup: 64-bit Windows install with Steam and Kerbal Space Program (WindowsPlayer), no mods installed. I am connecting to this cloud machine via my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop with the Parsec client. In this setup it is not possible for me to pan the camera in e.g. the VAB or the tracking station.

Some things that I did try for fixing it:
- Trying different options in the Parsec client that may have an effect, such as immersive mode.
- Disabling/enabling hardware mouses in Device manager.
- Using the Windows MouseKeys software mouse.
- Trying 32-bit and 64-bit KSP versions.

I came across the closed issue #2726 which mentions the same problem, there it was however stated that it was fixed upstream with Unity. With this setup the problem however seems to remain (and supposedly is a Unity problem?).

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#3 Updated by sulfo 11 days ago

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I'm having the same issue on MacOS.
- Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3
- Parsec client Version 1.7.9 (1.7.9)

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