06:00 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #512: RoverWheels crashTolerance double entry in part.cfg
In any case, having 2 variables that are the same name, even if handled differently by the general parts handler and ...
05:58 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #498 (Confirmed): Lighting inconsistencies on Mun surface texture with light emitting parts.


05:26 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #467 (Not a Bug): Game crashes after launching rocket and intentionally causing explosion.
I think this bug can't really be counted as such, since it's not repeatable and is likely to be caused by generic rea...
05:18 PM Kerbal Space Program Feature #457 (Closed): Singelton
Actually, planets are never loaded or unloaded - everything is loaded once then not unloaded until you quit the game ...


04:58 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #454: Surface of Spaceport disappears
I've noticed this elsewhere, but we really need a reproducible test case in order to confirm it, otherwise it's usele...
04:30 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #460: TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler
Thought I'd come in to clarify. This is in no way a limitation of Unity - the parent-child system was something imple...
12:16 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #448: KSP crashes on occasion in timewarp
I do believe this is due to unavoidable memory leaks in Unity, but I may be wrong.
Anyways, the planned dynamic as...
12:14 PM Kerbal Space Program Feature #447: Make A.S.A.S. tunable
I believe this is planned with Tweakables.


11:26 AM Kerbal Space Program Feature #404: Docking port magnetism refresh
I'm just popping in to re-assign the priority.
This issue, although being an issue, is doing some the game isn't r...

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