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03:18 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #9723 (Updated): Opening list of saves is extremely slow
This is even worse in 1.2.x as Alt-F9 now opens the same slow dialog.
Basically, the dialog is currently loading t...


11:13 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13035: Massive hiccups ingame with and without timewarp
It is actually a combination of the highlighting and the antialiasing. You can keep the highlighting if you turn the...


08:58 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #9683 (Confirmed): Changing UI scales resets custom
If you set the video resolution to something not natively supported by your GPU then the main settings show Custom. ...


03:08 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #13120: Game hangs (Not Responding) on scene change to flight scene
Does anything nasty happen to the memory usage reported in task manager during this? It sounds like a relative of th...


08:02 AM Kerbal Space Program Bug #10088: Cannot Deploy While stowed
Changed priority in accordance with guidelines at


04:00 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #9643 (Need More Info): Textboxes not working
As far as I'm aware you are the only person to have reported this so the problem is most likely to be caused by some ...


06:40 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #5350 (Confirmed): Electric Charge Rate Issue
This is caused by a bug in the Part.RequestResource functions. The presence of any full and enabled EC storage part ...


09:48 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #2881: Controlling claw dockee throws NullReferenceException, hell kraken arises
Claw has now implemented a fix for this issue in his "Stock bug fix modules". It also appears to fix various other AG...


05:05 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #5136: Turning on fuel cells causes lag
Another somewhat worrying thing is how long it takes to run the action group that enables or disables the fuel cells....


02:28 PM Kerbal Space Program Bug #5188 (Need More Info): game 'crash' when orbital speed reaches zero
It would be very helpful if you could provide your output_log.txt file from after the problem happens and/or a save f...

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