New Debugging features

We have provided some new debugging features as an aide to reporting bugs on this tracker.

Version 1.2

Debug Console Commands

Several Debug Console commands are available to help with debugging.
They can be entered by bringing up the Debug Console <modifier>-F12 and selecting the "Console" item on the left hand side. Type the command as shown below, without the "s into the command line at the bottom o the window and pressing "Submit" or the Enter/Return key.

  • The "/help <command>" will provide you with help about a command. e.g. "/help info". Only those that are the most useful for purposes of reporting bugs are listed below.
  • The "/info" command will write information about your current game into the log. This provides information about your save file, current game mode and a few other useful pieces of information.
  • The "/stacktrace" command will write the last Exception that occurred into the log.
  • The "/comment <comments>" command, or you can simply enter any comment directly into the command line, will insert any <comments> you enter directly into the log files. The purpose of this is to enable a brief comment about what might be intended to happen before a bug event, and/or what the expectation would be after the bug event. Together with the timeline of other events in the log, this will help us to identify where things go wrong more readily.

These features are provided as a supplemental aid to debugging and should not be relied upon to replace a good description of the bug.

Version 1.1

Rolling saves

Automatic saves will be periodically made to persistent.sfs as usual, but it will not overwrite the last. On each autosave and quicksave, the existing save is backed up to a new directory that can be found in the Saves directory. This means that not only will you be able to restore a situation from a previous save, but also preserves the state before and after a bug without resorting to manually making named saves.

Please be prepared to make copies of before and after a particular bug, and to attach them to the issue. You may be requested to provide these as part of the bug tracking process.

The current default is 5, and is configurable in the settings.cfg file


The total number of backup saves is finite. Quicksaves and autosaves will overwrite the backups oldest first. The backup has a timestamp appended to its name.


This feature has been designed to have minimal impact, but will increase disk activity and space very slightly. Please do not disable this feature during the pre-release phase, but a setting of 0 will turn this feature off.